Creative Ways to Use Cinderblocks in Your Garden


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Cinderblocks can create a wide variety of unique structures for your garden, from planters to borders and even benches and stepping stones, and the only limit to using these blocks is your own imagination.


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Creative Ways to Use Cinderblocks in Your Garden:

Creative Ways to Use Cinderblocks in Your Garden

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Adding a garden to your Gilroy, CA home may increase its value and provide you with a haven of beauty and tranquility that is only steps away from your back door. Whether you want to attract colorful butterflies, unique birds, or simply grow your own herbs and vegetables, creating a custom garden is easier than you might think. There are many affordable materials that will allow you to make a unique garden, but if you want to be as creative as possible, then you may want to consider using cinderblocks. Not only are these blocks inexpensive, they can be utilized in a large variety of ways, whether you are planning a modest garden or one big enough to hold all of your family and friends for the kind of summer gatherings you have always dreamed of. If you have limited space for your new garden, then cinderblocks are an effective way to fit in a variety of plants without sacrificing cubic inches.

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For example, if your garden is flush with the back wall of your home or garage, you can use cinderblocks and caps and interlock them in a way that creates a raised flowerbed with a rectangular space for larger plants and neat squares that protrude in order to house herbs and smaller plants. Singular blocks can be painted to create attractive planters that enhance any border within your garden.   Creating cinderblock steps are a fun and creative way to make certain areas of your garden easier to access. To add these whimsical-looking steps, you will need to add or remove the soil as needed until you have the proper grade. Then, lay the blocks down side by side with the longer sides flush against each other until you’ve created three or four separate steps. Finally, fill the gaps in the cinderblocks with colored gravel to complete the effect. These cinderblock steps are easy to create and will be a hit with anyone who visits your garden.

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These cinderblock steps are easy to create and will be a hit with anyone who visits your garden.   One of the most attractive features of cinderblocks in the garden is their versatility. You can use them to create borders of any shape and size or stack and paint them to build planters that are beautiful as well as functional. When you pair cinderblocks with two-by-fours, you can create a bench that is the perfect spot to sit and enjoy your garden’s koi pond. For further garden inspiration or to buy cinder blocks in Gilroy , visit U-Save Rockery and let your creativity run wild.

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