Choosing a Soil for Your San Jose Landscaping Project


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The type of soil you use in your San Jose landscaping project is vital to its success and for the longevity of your plants, so before you begin, it is important to understand how the soil you choose affects the final result.


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Choosing a Soil for Your San Jose Landscaping Project:

Choosing a Soil for Your San Jose Landscaping Project

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Whether you are planning a landscaping job for your new home in San Jose or you feel it is time to spruce up your older home with a new look, the type of soil you use for the job will affect the outcome in a number of ways. Soil quality and type may help support the health of the trees, flowers and grass you choose, so in order for your plants to flourish and to ensure proper drainage on your land that will prevent flooding during wet weather, it is wise to learn which type of soil will best support your yard’s design in the long run. As you outline your landscaping design, you may want to consider how the soil you choose will affect the plants and flowers in different areas.

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For example, if there are any inclines in your yard that cause water to run downhill and create large puddles, you may want to choose sandy soil for these areas, as it absorbs water quickly and may help reduce the amount of standing water in your yard. However, it is also important to remember that any trees, flowers or shrubs you plant in sandy soil will need plenty of daily watering when the weather is warm and dry. If you choose clay soil for your landscaping job, you should choose it for areas that do not collect water or that sit at the head of your yard because this type of soil tends to release moisture quickly and creates a damp atmosphere for plants and trees. Some trees, such as elms, oaks and cypress, tend to thrive in clay soil.

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However, if you want to create a stronger foundation in this type of soil while you landscape, you can add organic compost to cut down the dampness. If you want to use the same type of soil throughout your yard that will not require a lot of maintenance, then you should consider using loam. This type of soil is a mix of silt, sand, organic elements and clay, which provides a balance of moisture for most types of plants. You can find loam mix at most garden centers or mix it yourself, which is especially handy if you want to save a little money on your landscaping projects. For more information on purchasing different kinds of landscaping soil in San Jose and for tips and tricks on beautifying your yard, visit U-Save Rockery today and get started.

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