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Sugar alcohols, such as sorbitol and xylitol, are often added to sugar-free foodstuffs to make them taste sweet. While these compounds have fewer carbs than sucrose (table sugar), they may still have enough to boost your blood glucose levels. Again, check the labels.


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Blood Sugar:

Blood Sugar


To become adept at controlling our diabetes we need to know how we are affected by particular foodstuffs and drinks. We can only find this out by keeping track of our responses to them. To help, here are some notes on various foodstuffs and drinks that may affect your blood glucose levels in various ways. You should check these tips for controlling blood sugar against your own experience of how these particular foods affect you .


Your blood sugar may rise after you drink coffee, even sugarless black coffee, due to the caffeine it contains. The caffeine in black and green tea or other drinks can have a similar effect on your blood glucose .


Strangely, there are other compounds in coffee that have beneficial effects on your health. These include antioxidants such as chlorogenic acids and melanoidins , vedda blood sugar protocol review as well as N- methylpyridinium , which can boost cell defence mechanisms. So how does coffee, green tea etc affect your blood sugar levels ?


The refined flour in white bread gives it a high value on the glycemic index, in excess of 70. Thus it is digested quickly and produces a rapid high spike in the level of your blood glucose. So you should eat bread made from 100% wholemeal flour. Read:


Bagels are often touted as a healthy alternative to white bread. Not so, if you are diabetic. Bagels contain more carbs and calories than a slice of bread... even the wholemeal ones. What is the best bread for you?

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