Lightning Protection System


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Lightning is an unpredictable phenomenon. Each year thousands of properties are destructed and damaged globally by lightning strikes. Lightning damage in the US alone cost over 5 billion-dollars annually. A properly installed lightning system can safeguard and prevent damage up to 98%. Click here for more details:


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Lightning Protection


Lightning Protection Lightning protection system is designed to protect such businesses or plants and its assets from the harmful effects of lightning damage. Do you know millions of dollars are lost in damage caused by a lightning strike


Lightning Protection The cell towers have gotten considerably taller and are being installed with expensive equipment making them more susceptible to damage from lightning strikes. Not only the telecommunication sector; any industry that is required to be kept online through advanced electronics require lightning protection.


Lightning Protection Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc. has become one of the most highly regarded company of lightning protection solutions. With extensive sales network and distribution points, the company can easily service customers all over the country and beyond.


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