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LIBRARY & ARCHIVES CANADA Canada’s Knowledge Institution for the 21st Century OnLine Audiovisual Catalogers Conference Montréal, Canada October 2, 2004 Anne Draper Published Heritage Branch


Context New Legislation Future Directions Library and Archives Canada Outline of Presentation


CONTEXT A New Institution “I believe you are blazing a path that all of us in the cultural heritage field will ultimately follow.” Dr. Robert Martin Director, Institute of Museum and Library Services, USA


Complementary and converging holdings The digital environment was blurring the distinctions between our holdings Skills and competencies of staff were highly complementary, extremely valuable, and yet underused as a strategic resource Towards A Single Institution Why?


Legislation Internal Transformation Towards A Single Institution How?


Towards a Single Institution: How? Announced in Speech from the Throne, September 30, 2002 Bill is tabled in the House of Commons, May 8, 2003 Act to establish the Library and Archives of Canada proclaimed into force May 21, 2004 National Library of Canada and National Archives of Canada cease to exist Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is created


“If you want to understand something, try to change it …” - Anonymous Towards a Single Institution: Internal Transformation


Library and Archives Canada Statistics Budget: $84.3 million No. of staff: 1168 Collections: 20 million published items (63,000 added last year) 200 linear km of textual records 24.5 million photographs 400,000 documentary art objects 340,000 hours of film, video and audio 3 million maps and plans


Library and Archives Canada Collections About 3.18 million megabytes of information in electronic formats, including more than 9500 Canadian periodicals and books available online Textual records and publications for federal, provincial, territorial and foreign governments Largest collection of Canadian sheet music in the world, documentation related to music in Canada, and about 200,000 recordings on disks and records of all formats, piano rolls, reels and spools; eight-track tapes


Library and Archives Canada Collections The Canadian Postal Archives National, provincial, and territorial newspapers from across Canada, from dailies to student newspapers, and from Aboriginal magazines to ethnic community newsletters (all given full descriptive and subject access) Portraits of over one million Canadians since 1710 … and much, much more @ www.collectionscanada.ca


The New Structure Towards a Single Institution: Internal Transformation


Towards A Single Institution Aligning structure with our legislated mandate Corporate Enablers Strategic Office Communications Information Technology Services Corporate Management


NEW LEGISLATION Library and Archives of Canada Act


The Legislation Part of the Advancement of Canada Canada be served by an institution that is a source of enduring knowledge, accessible to all, contributing to the cultural, social and economic advancement of Canada as a free and democratic society


New concept: Canada’s documentary heritage – includes both publications and records Modernization of mandate Enable collection and preservation of documentary heritage, in any medium Legal deposit to include online publications Authority to archive a sampling of Web sites of interest to Canada The Legislation Protecting Canada’s Heritage

Resource Description: Implications: 

Resource Description: Implications New types of publications will become subject to legal deposit: Electronic publicatons


Strong mandate to make known and interpret Canada’s documentary heritage through Programs Exhibitions Publications Performances Advisory Council to advise the Librarian and Archivist of Canada Technology and networking with libraries and archives across Canada for unprecedented reach The Legislation A Source of Knowledge About Canada


Permanent repository of government publications and government and ministerial records No record can be disposed of without the consent of the Librarian and Archivist of Canada The Librarian and Archivist of Canada may request transfer of government records Explicit mandate to facilitate information management in government institutions The Legislation The Memory of Government Institutions


Library and Archives Canada We are undergoing massive change Increased emphasis on service and access: results for Canadians New legislation, new regulations Larger role in facilitating IM in GoC New organizational and structural governance New initiatives taking us into the future New ways of working together – a multidisciplinary environment and new partnerships New accommodation


Challenges Keeping transformation alive Maintaining quality service Including everyone Supporting our people Human resources issues Physical move to new accommodations


THE FUTURE What’s In Store


WHAT A new kind of knowledge institution A truly national institution One national collection for Canadians by working with others A prime learning destination A lead institution in information and knowledge management HOW Access is the primary driver - a clear focus on the client Effective stewardship of Canada’s documentary heritage Strategic approaches to description and metadata Mainstream digital Strengthened leadership and strategic focus Integrated and holistic approaches What the Future Holds DIRECTIONS for Our Change


What the Future Holds 4 Initiatives to meet the digital future Digital Collections initiative Metadata Strategy initiative Service Delivery Transformation “AMICAN” – integrated systems initiative Developing programs and services Portrait Gallery of Canada Learning program Centre for Newspapers and News Canadian Genealogy Centre Virtual Reference Canada


What the Future Holds Catalytic Initiatives DIGITAL COLLECTIONS INITIATIVE To acquire, manage, make accessible and preserve our digital materials for Canadians To “mainstream” the management of digital materials at LAC Vision: - infrastructure in place - LAC able to play leadership role within government & nationally - accurate comprehensive view of Digital Collection is available


What the Future Holds Catalytic Initiatives DIGITAL COLLECTIONS INITIATIVE Year One (2004-2005) - Legal Deposit regulations implemented - acquisition of Canadian Web sites implemented - preservation of e-publications and textual e-records implemented - program performance measures identified and collection overview underway - life-cycle issues for government records identified and being addressed


What the Future Holds Catalytic Initiatives METADATA INITIATIVE - Metadata: sets of descriptive and organizational elements that serve to contextualize, describe, preserve and provide access to information resources in any medium - User-focused description - tools and protocols to enhance productivity - seamless and integrated access - maximize partnerships and provide leadership


What the Future Holds Catalytic Initiatives SERVICE DELIVERY TRANSFORMATION - Transform orientation: - digital access to LAC services - digital delivery of LAC content Achieves seamlessness for the client in the search-identify-obtain process Allows LAC to meet increased client expectation and increased demand for information delivery


What the Future Holds Catalytic Initiatives AMICAN An IT system to support the management of information related to the intellectual and physical management of and access to LAC’s holdings Combines “AMICUS” and “MIKAN” and various other systems and databases Improved integration of business processes and services Improved integration of our holdings information


What the Future Holds Integration Implementation Implementing the new legislation; passing and implementing new legal deposit regulations Implementing our integrated structure Merged ILL Merged reference services Merged preservation activities Harmonizing policies and processes Designing and implementing our part in the government IM Program Developing new programs Developing new partnerships with the library and archival communities


Resource Description and Access

Resource Description: 

Resource Description AA3 FRBR Metadata Away from “traditional” cataloguing


Library and Archives Canada Bibliothèque et Archives Canada Thank you! Merci! Anne Draper Chief, Government Publications and Serials Cataloguing Division Library and Archives Canada (819) 994-6894 anne.draper@lac-bac.gc.ca You are cordially invited to visit us at www.collectionscanada.ca to learn more about our vast, exciting collections

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