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We are constantly purchasing used Bettis Actuators which we remanufacture for inventory. If you have any Bettis actuators that you are replacing or that have been replaced headed for your dumpster, convert it to capital that can be reinvested in your company.


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Boost Up Your Business with Bettis Actuators In the present scenario an actuator is one of the most common mechanical devices which are widely used to convert electrical energy into physical action. It is one of the most common devices specially used in the automation industry. An actuator converts the input signal into a form that is usable by the system. There are many types of components like the inflow control valves pumps positioning drives motors switches relays and meters. With increasing demand in the actuator industry many types of bettis actuators are manufactured according to the requirement of the industry. Depending on the types the actuators work on different principles. The actuators work on the principle of hydraulic fluid or other sources of power which can control the motion of the actuator as per the requirements. The system becomes fully or partially automated. Various Types of Actuators in Automation Industry Various actuators are in demand according to the application of the manufacturing industry. The pattern of machine operation and production has completely changed with the introduction of various types of actuators. Based on their operation and the working principles they are divided into various categories. Some of them are listed below:- 1. Pneumatic Actuators: - This actuator converts the energy stored in the form of compressed air at high pressure. The process of energy conversion can be in the form of rotary or linear motion. It also consists of a piston and a cylinder. They have valves and ports for smooth functioning. An advantage of using these actuators is that the power sources need not be stored for use. 2. Hydraulic Actuators: - This actuator is capable of converting hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Rotary linear or oscillatory motion is produced during energy conversion by hydraulic actuators. These actuators have got the high capability to use heavy equipment. By applying a small force it can produce

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a reasonable movement. It is fitted with an empty cylinder and a piston rod. The piston rod pressurizes and de-pressurizes the disk to generate the movement for the automated system. 3. Electric Actuators: - In terms of functionality it can be easily interfaced with control systems that run in electricity. The operation is easy as it requires only electricity to run and create motion in the actuators. The power supply turns the motor to generate a mechanical torque. In the case of electric actuators it is easy to diagnose the problem but they pose a fire hazard in case of an electric spark. The Final Thoughts Actuators used in the automation industry are highly preferred to convert one form of energy into another form. A mechanical design eliminates the chances of any failure or damage to the system. They are designed with high frequency and class to withstand the high temperature. They are made without compromising on quality and performance. Coastal Industries LLC. 957 NASA Parkway 421 - Houston Texas 77058 Phn-281 204-1308 Fax: 800-871-1759 EMail : or Web:

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