Increase the Life Span with the Best Bettis Actuators

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Increase The Life Span With Best Bettis Actuators  :

Increase The Life Span With Best Bettis Actuators  


An actuator is a device which is used to convert an electrical signal into physical action. They are used primarily in the heavy and manufacturing industry to enhance the level of production in the industry. The bettis actuators are used for the inflow control valves, pumps, positioning drives, motors, switches relays, and meters. There are many types of actuators which are manufactured according to the requirements of the industry.


Various Types and Applications of Bettis Actuators Hydraulic Actuators Electric Actuators Pneumatic Actuators


Hydraulic Actuators As the name suggest the hydraulic actuators convert hydraulic power into mechanical motion. The motion that is generated may be in the rotary, linear or the oscillatory motion. This type of actuators is highly preferred because they have high force caapability to move heavy equipment. A small force applied to the actuators can create great force.


Electric Actuators These types of actuators are used for a lot of systems because they can be easily interfaced with the control systems which run on the electricity. These devices simply run on the electrical energy which helps to create motion in the actuators.


Pneumatic Actuators These types of actuators are used to convert energy stored in the form of compressed air at high pressure which can be in the form of rotary or linear motion. It also consists of a piston and a cylinder. They have valves and ports for smooth functioning.



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