Advantages of Rebuilding Your Automation System with Bettis Actuators

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Are you looking for Actuators? The famous Bettis Actuators are the perfect choice for any kind of machinery. Coastal Industries understands the need of the hour and we can help you buy, sell, or rebuild your actuators. Contact us to get the best Bettis Actuators. Website:


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Advantages of Rebuilding Your Automation System with Bettis Actuators Presented By Coastal Industries LLC Are you looking for Actuators The famous Bettis Actuators are the perfect choice for any kind of machinery. Coastal Industries understands the need of the hour and we can help you buy sell or rebuild your actuators.

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With the growth of mining and refinery industries several companies introduced standard valve automation solution to automize the set-up with reliable execution under extreme conditions. The companies have started introducing advanced pneumatic and hydraulic system to reduce the unplanned downtime and performance breakdown without compromising safety and increasing operating costs. The built-in high-performance capabilities fail-safe to deep-water production facilities FPSO or FLNG. Although the day-to-day pressure makes the system components obsolete and rough to work with. In that case rebuilding your automation system with original Bettis Actuators is a wise-man choice

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Bettis Actuators for Automation System Bettis Actuators is the partner you need to provide the uncompromising performance reliability and safety in a turnkey solution. Actually a good actuator design revolves around many features and benefits. In applications on offshore deep-water production facilities floating production storage and offloading units FPSO or floating Liquefied Natural Gas vessels FLNG size and weight are among the two most important aspects. Engineers and designers of Bettis understands this concerns and developed a series of a lighter and more compact topsides that can avail significant savings with steel reduction and lower installation costs.

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Benefits of Bettis Actuators Reliable: Designed with proven technology and high-end mechanism makes Bettis Actuators a scalable solution for retrofitting existing automation system. Excellent corrosion protection from anodized and powder coated body high-anodized high grade aluminium body allows most difficult functionalities. The field proven technology meets critical shutdown and control needs while lowering operational cost downtime and mitigate risk. The actuator opens up a wide variety of possibilities in multiple processes.

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High-Quality: Bettis actuator is built-in in high-quality material to resist regular abrasion and stress. The machinery component is robust and corrosion-resistant making it work under extreme robust condition. The lightweight makes it specific for use with all types of pneumatic hydraulic and electrical system. Safe: Bettis Actuator features safety-centered design better material compliance certification optional preventive maintenance tools. The unmatched performance and durability provides precise speed control and constant torque output for thick abrasive processes. The staff working under extreme condition can feel safe and comfortable working with any mining and pipeline industries.

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Wide Variety of Bettis Actuators Bettis manufactures the broadest variety of valve actuator types in the world. Including - pneumatic hydraulic electric and gas/hydraulic powered quarter-turn actuators. There are some linear actuators for multi-turn valves. The products operate in numerous configurations including double- acting and spring-return scotch-yoke rack and pinion helical-spline and rotary vane. For example Bettis RGS Rack and Pinion Valve Actuator Bettis G-Series Scotch Yoke Valve Actuator Bettis EHO Electro-Hydraulic Operator Smart Bettis Subsea GS-Series Actuator Bettis TorqPlus Electric Actuator EL-O-Matic EL-Series Electric Valve Actuator and many more. Bottom Line Maintaining and retrofitting your company with field-proven technology assures reliability and safety. If you are troubled with existing automation system and failing to meet the demands get your actuators replaced with Bettis. Select Bettis Actuators right now from Coastal-Industries to match your type of industry - oil and gas power chemical water and wastewater marine and subsea. Our mission is to protect plants assets personal and environment.

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