Why High Blood Pressure Can Kill You Slowly and How to Treat It Natura

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Why High Blood Pressure Can Kill You Slowly and How to Treat It Naturally Rather than trying to rid your body of it it is wiser PhysioTru Review to balance the two kinds and to lower your total triglyceride level. The HDL High Density Lipoproteins or good cholesterol produces hormones that are vital to the functioning of your body. For men this HDL level should be above 190 and for women 178. Levels lower than this mean that you may risk having a stroke. Levels that are too low also are associated with increased mortality rates in cancer patients impotency and dementia. Another negative association is a reduction of serotonin production which causes depression. It is LDL Low Density Lipoprotein or bad cholesterol which causes problems in the circulatory system and can lead to heart disease. This type turns into plaque which lines the blood vessels causing them to harden and lose flexibility. As a result this poses a major risk of heart disease leading to stroke hardening of the arteries and heart attack. We are inundated with drug advertizing that may leave you with the impression that prescription drugs are the best answer to the problem of lowering LDL. But a little exploration will show that there are some problems such as lowering too much cholesterol as well as a depletion of CoQ10 with taking statin drugs. This is essential to remember because the body must have CoQ10 in order for muscles to function. And remember that the heart is a muscle So what natural options do you have to lower cholesterol without medication Some of the biggest causes of high cholesterol and triglyceride levels are obesity smoking and alcohol abuse and lack of exercise. You can address these with lifestyle changes that include weight loss and abstaining from tobacco and alcohol. Not easy but certainly with consistent steps and support they are attainable goals. https://thedietmatrix.com/physiotru-review/

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