Five Common Website Mistakes That Drive Visitors Away

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Five Common Website Mistakes That Drive Visitors Away:

Five Common Website Mistakes That Drive Visitors Away


I have purchased two keyword Secret Millionaire Bot Review research tool programs and Ive used free trials on others and of the two Ive purchased I use Micro Niche Finder a whole lot more. Its simple to use yet powerful. Ive also purchased Market Samurai which I love but its a lot more in depth and has quite the learning curve.Beginning Keyword ResearchFirst I open up Micro Niche Finder and enter in a general keyword. Each keyword researcher has their own way of finding keywords. They have their own parameters set as far as how good a keyword is to them. For example some only choose keywords worth $1.00 or more some will only choose keywords with a competition of less than 30000 etc.


If you are going to hire someone to do flash website designing for you this can be pretty expensive. WIX will be a great help for you because with this free tool you can make your own or customize an existing template. It can be a drawback because WIX will be posting ads on your domain. But the domain will not be your own dot com moniker. But for starters that can be fine since you are using the tool for free. And once you have the money you can upgrade. Once you have upgraded you can now use your own domain and remove the ads posted by WIX.As a web content writer finding good keywords can mean the difference between earning a lot of money and earning next to nothing. Keywords are basically what users type in when they search for things on the internet but in order to get your content noticed you need to find keywords that dont have a lot of competition. Enter Micro Niche Finder.


If you are not tech savvy you may find it difficult to use Photoshop. Besides PhotoShop is not free so you have to make the most of it if you will buy one. Good thing is that you can use GIMP which means GNU Image Manipulation Program. This is free with added features like thorough documentation mini site graphics call to action buttons ads and lots more.CamStudio for Video Screen Capture MarketingIf you have been looking into a video screen capture tool you might have heard about Camtasia. Yes this is quite expensive. But the good thing is that you can get a different tool for free! Yes you can use CamStudio instead! As an add-on you can even make use of a free audio recording software like With these tools you can definitely make professional videos to showcase your services and products.


Why buy something when you can get it for free right And whats even better is that there are so many free online marketing tools which only get better with time. So instead of buying tools that make the same type of work look at these free marketing tools which will help you succeed in your Internet marketing.Perhaps you have already heard of WordPress. This is a free blogging software. Yes it is free. You do not have to pay anything to start your blog on WordPress. You can create a blog and have it hosted by WordPress in their dot org site. Or you can install the blog on a domain that you already own. And whats even better is the fact that Google loves WordPress as long as you regularly update and post relevant content.

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