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Name a star with Star Registry. Since1979. Buy a star kit to join celebrities and dignitaries in the world’s only everlasting published star catalog.


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International Star Registry:

https://www.Star International Star Registry

Buy a Star for Your Loving | International Star Registry:

Buy a Star for Your Loving | International Star Registry International Star Registry has had the satisfaction of working with tens of millions of humans asking us how to buy a celebrity from nearly four decades. Despite the fact that we do no longer promote stars, we do allow people to claim their very own vicinity within the cosmos when they name a star ! Just like the ancients earlier than us, humans worldwide are moved by the celebs in very private way. Whether we would like to recognize how to buy a celebrity as a gift for our sweetheart, or name a celeb as a lasting memorial, there may be no greater honor than writing one’s names the various stars. For heaps of years, mankind has been mapping and recording celestial gadgets. From the advent of early megastar names and their region in ancient mythology and navigation, to more than one modern-day clinical catalogs, there had been dozens of listings of the celebs created. Starting in 1979, International Star Registry made the heavens available to all of us wishing to name a star that had simplest been numbered in preceding star catalogs.

Buy a star package in the Astrology sign of your choice :

Buy a star package in the Astrology sign of your choice THE FAMOUS INTERNATIONAL STAR REGISTRY CERTIFICATE Featured on television, in movies, and in homes worldwide Connector A CUSTOMIZED SKY CHART with the star indicated. OUR PLACE IN THE COSMOS BOOKLET and a letter of congratulations


Name a Star Most stars are given the name of whomever you are honoring, but feel free to be creative. You can select a star name up to 35 spaces long! We can put the star in your recipient’s zodiac sign, or any other constellation you prefer. We’re also happy to choose a location viewable in the night sky from your location for you.


Buy a Star Our basic star gift package is our Custom Star Kit starting at just $54 plus S&H. All packages include and authentic International Star Registry certificate and a custom star map of the night sky. We offer a beautiful selection of upgrades when you buy a star package. See our Product Catalog.

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