Viet Nam

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Viet Nam :

Viet Nam Socialist Republic of Vietnam


Language Write and spoke Vietnamese Gestures Hand shake , and hug .

Traditions and religion:

Traditions and religion Main Traditions New year Moon festival Religion 81.69% non-religions 9.6% Buddhism &.48% Christianity

Social organization:

Social organization At what I can told you right now in my country there are no important people because the government is lived in they own world and the people live in they own world. But what I know the communist still have a lot of control in the country.

Art and Food :

Art and Food Vietnamese arts is a visual arts, whether ancient or modern. Vietnamese art have start from the stone age , for 1000 of year most Vietnamese art have a lot of similar spot to the Chinese, because the Vietnamese have been dominate by the C hinese for 1000 of yeah so the art and tractions have a lot of similar. About the food, the Vietnamese have a lot of famous food well known to the local and national people. Like pho a style of noodle that really famous in Vietnam , US and many deferent country.

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