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'Tricia Impey Vicar of Ecclesfield 2002 - 2010

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You made history.... ...as first female vicar of St Mary's even making the papers!!!

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A bit of a 'do' after your induction

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Welcoming Ann & Richard

Slide 6: 

Dedication of kitchen & toilet How did we manage before?

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Church Weekends at Sneaton Castle

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We were so proud when you became a 'loose canon' ...oops! I mean a Canon at the Cathedral

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Pilgrimages to Greece & Rome

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The Mission

Slide 12: 

Sue's Ordination

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You have shared our sorrows, our joys and our celebrations

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And we have shared yours

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Your daughter Jenny's Wedding

Slide 20: 

Your 60th Birthday

Slide 21: 

Your Ruby Wedding

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And Richard, when you retired, we all appreciated your sermons and having you as part of our congregation

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Some highlights!!!

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Reading the notices!!!!!!

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The Holiday Club

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The Monks Experience

Slide 28: 

Becoming The Lord Mayor's Chaplain

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Opening The Charity Shop

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Links with the Community

Slide 32: 

Church Weekends

Slide 33: 

And what will we remember most?

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Your appetite...... ....for life

Slide 35: 

All those baptisms!

Slide 36: 

Your sense of fun!!

Slide 37: 

Are you still reading those notices!!!!

Slide 38: 

Your more serious side!!!! Preparing all that great teaching!!

Slide 39: 

Sometimes..... ....taking advice

Slide 40: 

And very occasionally upstaged (by the teddy obviously!!!!)

Slide 41: 

Our caped crusader.......

Slide 42: 

That familiar question 'Has anyone seen my keys?????'

Slide 43: 

A passion for Health & Safety Is that the sign of the cross?

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Franz Schubert once said: “Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.” That’s how we feel about you and Richard. We hope you feel the same about us.

Slide 45: 

Thank you for your patience, your understanding, your care, your prayers for all you have taught us and your love………… ………and no, how could we forget about you…… But don’t you forget about us!!

Slide 46: 

Finally..... Some of your much loved Charlie Brown wisdom 'In the book of life, the answers aren't in the back'

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Enjoy your retirement Boss!

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