Corporate Housing - Several Options You Need To Know


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Gathering the Corporates to find a home 2. Examining Corporate Housing 3. Finding a temporary Home with CHBO 4. Looking for investments – Corporate Housing 5. No housing problems when we move overseas 6. A Good Living to be made in the Corporate housing market 7. Making your first temporary Overseas Trip 8. The True Benefits of Corporate Housing Examined 9. Going overseas to that Expo–Find accommodation is available 10.Great Accommodation Available Overseas


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Corporate Housing - Several Options You Need To Know:

Corporate Housing - Several Options You Need To Know


Synopsis Gathering the Corporates to find a home Examining Corporate Housing Finding a temporary Home with CHBO Looking for investments – Corporate Housing No housing problems when we move overseas A Good Living to be made in the Corporate housing market Making your first temporary Overseas Trip The True Benefits of Corporate Housing Examined Going overseas to that Expo–Find accommodation is available Great Accommodation Available Overseas

Gathering the Corporates to find a home:

Gathering the Corporates to find a home If you have a job where you need to travel extensively then the corporate housing seems like a miracle. An oasis in the desert of a city. There is the expense to be considered. If you travel by car or airplane to another city you want to minimize costs. If your business is built on travelling then your travel costs are your most expensive commodity and affect your bottom line. Another example is Global Corporate housing which also offers one, two and three-bedroom apartments at much lower rates than hotels. Take a floor plan example. The average floor plan offered by GCA (Global corporate housing) ranges from 700 square feet and the rate around $85 to $115 per night whilst a hotel of similar sized accommodation would cost you in the region of $125 to $295 per night. Quite a difference. Also, having a fully equipped kitchen enables you to eat healthier, the foods you would normally have at home. Whilst in a hot you are more or less confined to a menu unless you decide to go out to eat each day. This defeats the object of the hotel. Imaging the difference if a company was paying a fee for its temporary employees' accommodation. There are so many plusses offered by GCA, being a home from home, a furnished apartment has its own TV, a clothes washer and dryer, ironing facilities, high speed wireless communication (Wi-Fi) and of course, a cordless phone. Residing at such accommodation an employer who may be renting the accommodation permanently and who may have employees coming and going, save a virtual mint of cash. Today, many specialists such as chemists from the pharmaceutical industry, NASA, OTC drug companies commute monthly. It does not pay a corporate to permanently employ such specialists but rather to hire them on a specific project basis or simply to gain their experience monthly. GCA or CHBO is therefore a necessity.

Examining Corporate Housing:

Examining Corporate Housing Most of these types of rentals are high class or high-quality rentals and have been purposely set up to provide all the essentials for short term rentals. It is best to check how long the rentals are available for. Of course, the travel agents which you can find in just about any town can be of assistance here. They usually look after the rentals whilst booking your flight or bus trip whichever the case. The travel agents would be ably to advise you on the type of accommodation you need and generally take care of all your requirements. Travel agents are very involved with corporate housing world wide and will often offer you a package deal where they represent the corporate housing properties. This package deals will, in all probability, be more cost effective than making your own arrangements. In a lot of cases and if you are employed by a multi-national firm you may find that they have their own corporate housing, block booked for the relocating of staff members temporarily . Some medical and pharmaceutical firms worldwide such as can be found at who employ over 50,000 people worldwide make use of corporate housing on a daily basis. If you need specific items such as a small venue for example including multiple bedrooms and an area where you can hold a small seminar for instance all that can be arranged as well. Another well known fact is that people re-locating may well have pets and therefore are desirable of taking them with them. One such company that can be sourced at do have pet friendly rentals, mostly short term where you can either take a holiday or use them as a stepping stone for relocating to another country. This is quite useful to know as most corporate housing do not really allow pets and they have no provision for pets. Just make sure, if you are relocating that your pet or pets comply with the country regulations for relocating pets before you decide on this avenue. Some countries have quarantine regulations if you wish to relocate pets.

Finding a temporary Home with CHBO:

Finding a temporary Home with CHBO Travel agents are more often than not agents for CHBO (corporate housing by owner) and this is a vast and helpful enterprise. If they are not accredited agents they will put you in touch with one. Very often the course of action followed by CHBO agents is to visit your present home and see what living conditions exist, the size of your house, your requirements such as internet and laundry facilities. Bearing in mind that you may have to be temporally accommodated for some time until suitable home is found and purchased. The idea of hotel accommodation is simply not feasible when there is a family to consider. Many corporates when re-locating employees use corporate housing rather than putting up the whole family in hotel. Hotels can be pleasant for a short stay but the expense and living accommodation is usually confined to one or two rooms where you do not have the convenience of your own goods around you. Sure, they can provide high definition television and the internet but really home is home and there is no place like it. A suite however if considered as an option in a moderately priced hotel will be far more expensive than renting a fully furnished CHBO unit or house, plus they are not very pleasant for an extended stay which may be protracted by your employer or for other reasons. If the overseas assignment is permanent then there are all sorts of other things to consider. It is moderately easy to procure a new home but you have to sell your own dwelling for example. A three day or maybe a week at a hotel is fine and can be considered a holiday but not longer. Corporate housing brings home life back to normal and if the corporate housing agent has done his work correctly you will feel as though you are at home, even if the environment is changed.

Looking for investments – Corporate Housing:

Looking for investments – Corporate Housing Why would corporate housing be a wise investment? There are schools to be considered for the children when relocating. Families need a harmonious transition when the company they may have been with for 15 years or more, suddenly ships them off lock-stock and barrel to a foreign country. Global demand for corporate housing is on the increase and in fact increased last year by 11% and revenues were expected to reach over $36 billion by the end of 2018.Is this reason enough for investment? Definitely says Kimberly Smith which is why so many corporates are funding this type of short term housing. Corporate Housing by Owner launched its 9th annual real estate survey and collected data through until February 2018. The survey incorporated questions/topics such as Landlords at properties, the average required length of stay, pricing trends in various countries and were amazed at the results of this survey. A website was set up to make it easier for individuals to find the ideal temporary place residence. This site: Is well worth looking into as it goes into likes and dislikes of a property, size, furnishings and available facilities etc. it would be well worth getting some advice from CHBO before relocating especially family relocation. Amazon have also entered this lucrative market, Crocker-Amazon offer quiet area residential short-term rentals in up market suburbs and are also worth a look. These are executive properties for rent with some amazing facilities nearby.

No housing problems when we move overseas:

No housing problems when we move overseas When you are offered a semi-permanent or maybe permanent overseas assignment you will surely need temporary accommodation at first . Well , in most cases a move would be inevitable, that is, a whole a whole family move for a new overseas position in the company. Being an aerodynamics engineer is a good profession but for one thing. They move you all over the world, that is, with the aircraft industry. So , if a whole family, Wife three children and two dogs had to move with the aircraft industry, it had to move. Being in the aircraft industry, the need to be precise in everything even housing would be essential for some. Presently , if owning a super house with all the electrical conveniences and gadgets imaginable it would need some replicating especially in a foreign town. The need to replicate an employee's house overseas was not going to be an easy task however, there was a solution. Consult the corporate housing by owner organization or get it up on the PC screen. It is well known that temporary housing the CHBO (corporate housing by owner) for temporary housing could accomplish just about every move for home owners with temporary accommodation. Temporary housing is an essential part of moving. You cannot find a new house within a day or two. You can however, find temporary rented accommodation in a house or an apartment so this seemed to be the answer . If you do work for a company that offers temporary overseas assignments or training there may be a benefit scheme of housing allowance in place, check this out! Remembering that moving to a new state or country means you need to sell your own house or for that matter, rent it out. You could do no better than approach the CHBO with this intention .

A Good Living to be made in the Corporate housing market:

A Good Living to be made in the Corporate housing market YOU INITIAL INVESTMENT-JOINING THE CHBO Indeed, investment it the corporate housing market would be a wise move by anyone. So, let's assume that you have the funds to enter this market and you do have a property or two for sale or for rent. There are many things to do first before you even think of entering the market. What do you offer the public at large? Would you be prepared to invest is upmarket accommodation? If the answer is yes then you can start by joining this group. You need to be known as a team member and list your property immediately in a specific group. It might be worth improving your property by the inclusion of amenities and or facilities it might not have. YOU GET THE CHBO GUARANTEE The CHBO will guarantee that your property will be rented with 30 days of listing. You simply contact the online within 30 to 60 days from your listing date and a property review will take place by specialist enabling you to obtain all the benefits CHBO offers and maybe extend your annual listing/s. Basically, the CHBO is there to assist you to rent your property. ANNUAL REPORTS You will also receive annual property reports and property valuations free of charge when joining. Together with this there is all the corporate housing news as well as the spotlight on property generally. There is investment news and tips on what sort of properties to invest in. Generally speaking, the CHBO is an institution where you can be sure of a good return on your property investments.

Making your first temporary Overseas Trip:

Making your first temporary Overseas Trip There are certain criteria which you must check up on firstly. After selecting the method of looking for a place to stay, you need to see what the area has to offer. Once you have established that there are quite a few places that attract you and are suitable for your purpose, you need to be sure of a few things. It would be no good hiring a place that has a bad reputation for services for example. You need to ask a lot of questions especially if you have not been to that area before. Looking at a certain place that would suit you ideally, you would need to look at the comments left by previous occupants, like services, facilities , what conveniences are available in the immediate area, how payments can be made and, can you increase your stay if you need to. Going to a conference for example would have definite dates so that could be an easier place to find. However, if you are on a temporary overseas assignment only, you might consider the fact that these things have a have a habit of being extended and the last thing you need to do is to have to relocate for a week or two or maybe a month before returning home. Relocating overseas or wherever you are staying on a temporary basis has its problems. You might have to move further away from where you want to be. Can you extend your stay if needed? Try to make sure that it is in close proximity to the place where you need to be or work. If it is not that close then, what transport is available in the immediate area? viz. busses, underground rail transit systems etc. in that locale. It may be better to stay in the area that you prefer or that suits your pocket and commute to your destination . Corporate housing is always available but there are important criteria to be considered first .

The True Benefits of Corporate Housing Examined:

The True Benefits of Corporate Housing Examined There are productivity benefits as well to be considered. Business travelling can become tiring and the better the accommodation for your employees, the more productive they are. Temporary or contract employees you may have hired for a certain project need to be fresh and wide awake. They may need to travel to sites with frequent change of special work clothing. This is where the corporate apartment comes into play with its laundry facilities. Hotels can be exceptionally tiring as you do not have the same facilities such as cooking you own breakfast without have to bother to dress for breakfast. Hotel breakfast served in your room can be quite an expensive exercise and you always seem to be waiting for something or other. Maybe it's pressing clothes, laundry etc. and personal items have been known to be lost when staying at hotels. Jack Doyle founder of DC Corporate housing has plenty to say about the benefits of corporate housing. For example, a typical temporary corporate housing lease is only 30 days whereas you would be lucky to rent an apartment without signing a six-month lease. So, from a corporate point of view this is ideal. What's more, DCC corporate housing can meet you on arrival if you wish, show you around the apartment an explain a few things such as locks, keys etc. and can also arrange temporary insurance if required. In some cases , delicate instruments etc need careful looking after however, there is no need to take chances so additional local temporary insurance may be a good thing. Many corporates will insure your belongings as part of their group insurance policy.

Going overseas to that Expo–Find accommodation is available:

Going overseas to that Expo–Find accommodation is available Before we host a show of any kind in a city we need to take due cognizance of the fact that we need to have the ability, in that area to, house visitors. Expos normally demand short term temporary accommodation. There are corporate apartments and corporate housing owned by the Expo owners but no-one company will cater for the thousands of visitors who may also decide to stay longer than anticipated. Visitors have expectations as well and so there must be some options available, whether upmarket accommodation or cheaper rentals, service must be provided. In some cases, you might need someone to work with you depending how much you can afford after mentioning your length of stay. If you are going through a fairly well know agent then you will want to check out the reviews, firstly of their name as a company and secondly of the rented accommodation offered. There are so many options that visitors may require. Depending on your length of stay, you might need such facilities such as a clothes washer and dryer, fully stocked kitchen, lounge and sitting room facilities, bar and an entertainment area. There is no end to the matrix of possibilities a client may want. This is sometimes difficult depending on the length of their stay. When you have an expo or similar, you more or less know for certain that the occupation will run concurrent with that show. Often accommodation is offered on an ad hoc basis, in other words you take what is offered, however this does not work in every case. You get VIP's that virtually want every conceivable contrivance and comfort and all the attributes like high speed internet, special television sets etc. There is really no end to this list. Even branded name appliances are often required. It is up to the lessor to advertise what type of temporary accommodation is offered.

Great Accommodation Available Overseas:

Great Accommodation Available Overseas Many corporates when re-locating employees use corporate housing rather than putting up the whole family in hotel. Also, hotels are not very pleasant for a one to three month stay. A three day or maybe a week stint at a hotel is fine but not longer. Corporate housing brings home life back to going away almost. An assignment abroad can be as long as six months to a year or more and usually the whole family is involved. You can virtually duplicate your present living conditions when staying abroad in one of these rentals. This accommodation now offered is available worldwide with consortiums running the show in most cases. They are equipped with everything one can think of from open plan living spaces, smart TV's, hi-speed internet and luxuriously appointed furniture and fittings. A fully operational kitchen also the more exclusive have a weekly housekeeping service in most cases. So corporate housing is on the move and the investments run into billions of dollars. Many corporates seek out one such of these institutions and list them as a preferred supplier of short term housing . The pharmaceutical and medical especially , research institutions and their manufacturing facilities. The pharmaceutical industry for example, to name just one corporate sector, has chemists continually moving around the world introducing new products and manufacturing techniques to fellow employees which is far outshines video conferencing .

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