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How to read angel oracle card for the first time Angel oracle cards are the way of communication with your guardian angel if you are looking for the answers to your problems or seeking their guidance in your life for a better future. Angels are human well-wishers taking care of us and showering their blessings. You can also feel their presence of the positive aura around you but only if you put faith into their divine powers.

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Angel oracle card reading is as the name suggest related to reading the cards i.e. the symbols pictures and quotations that are printed and depict the message behind those imageries. If you are looking for professional guidance then you can get your free angel card reading at Spiritualaloha today.  Buying your deck There are many different types of deck you can find at the stores and it will become tiresome for a beginner to choose the right deck. Honestly if you will ask the storekeeper he or she will also not be able to give you anything more than advice. If you are ready to learn about the angel oracle card reading one thing you must understand beforehand is to believe in your intuitions. Same goes while choosing a deck we say that the deck calls for you. Just move your hand above the decks and feel the vibe you will find yourself getting back to a specific deck. Many of the practitioners hold multiple decks with them don’t stress too much on choosing a deck as you can collect more of them later.  Clean and calm surrounding Oracle card reading is about the flow of energy in and out from your surrounding and thus you need to create a space that is ideal for the card reading. There is no specific decoration you need to do just focus on providing the reading area with the clean and calm surrounding. A room with windows allowing the flow of wind and plenty of sunlight will be a perfect choice. You can also lighten up some incense sticks and add animal figures as decorations.  Picking the card Start the reading by asking the guardian angels for their assistance and acknowledging their powers. Think aloud about the question you want to ask the angels you can also say it out loud and clear this helps you to stay more focused. Shuffle the deck a few times and spread it on the table. Now which card to pick There is no hard and fast rule for picking the card again rely on your intuitions and choose the card that appeals you the most.  Reading between the images There are guide books available in the market that can help you gain knowledge of how to decipher the meaning behind the images and quotations that are printed on the cards. But you also don’t need to learn those meaning by heart. As a beginner it is good to go through them once as it will help you to create your understanding

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of the cards. Each image portrays a strong meaning behind them how you decipher it depends on your questions as well. If a card doesn’t seem to fit the answer then there is no need to doubt your intuitions give it some time and think thoroughly.  When to read Take your card reading seriously only then you will receive similar attention from your deck. Don’t try to draw cards very frequently as it may disturb the accuracy. Also getting different results will bring you into a dilemma and will deviate you from getting a clear result. Think thoroughly about the questions beforehand and try to make it more self-centred as the angel oracle cards read for only the person who is communicating with the guardian angels. Spiritualaloha is the best destination for those who are seeking for spiritual guidance such as angel therapy oracle card reading akashic records soul healing and many more divine techniques to gain the better understanding of their life.

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