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Carnaval de Ponce:

Carnaval de Ponce Job 1: Josefina Johnson Job 2: Pepa Spinnler Job 3: Juan Young

Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico Capital: San Juan Nacionalidad: puertorriqueno Moneda: United States Dollar Poblacion: 3.615 million Porcentaje de Catolicos: 85% Fun Facts: > Basketball, volleyball and boxing are the most popular sports in Puerto Rico. > Puerto Rico does not have any large indigenous wildlife; most of their animals are exotic birds and fish.

Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico Bandera Moneda Mapa

Carnival de Ponce:

Carnival de Ponce held in Ponce, Puerto Rico starts on Wednesday before Ash Wednesday started in 1858 Vejigantes are common and represent the devil o r evil

Events of Carnaval de Ponce:

Events of Carnaval de Ponce Wednesday: Vejigantes Party Thursday: King Momo entrance parade Friday: Crowning of the Child Queen Saturday: Crowning of the Adult Queen Sunday: Main Parade Monday: Carnival's Ball Dance Tuesday: Burial of the Sardine


Clothing They dress to represent the devil or evil. The mask is one of the main parts. There has never been a mask without horns and fangs. Most of them have many colors.


Music There is a huge amount of music. Bomba and plena music are common. Chanting songs are also popular. Actual Song



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