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Hero’s journey: 

Hero’s journey 'Kiss of The Dragon' By Andre wood

Ordinary World: 

Ordinary World Jet Li lives in china. He has no family but china is his place of birth.

Call to adventure: 

Call to adventure Jet Li goes to France to gather information for his government.

Supernatural Aid: 

Supernatural Aid Jet Li meets an old man who takes him in. He also meets a young girl caught up in the mix with a crooked cop. She helps jet get information about the cop who wants him dead.

Crossing The Threshold: 

Crossing The Threshold Jet meets with the cop, who he thinks is on his side. Not knowing he was about to be set up by the worst police chief in France.

Belly of The whale.: 

Belly of The whale. After escaping his demise at the hotel, where the police chief tries to kill him. He returns to the old mans home. Soon after an encounter with the young female Bridget Fonda leads to the destruction of Jets hideout and the death of the old man who took him in.

Road of Trials: 

Road of Trials To get his revenge and clear his name. Jet Must bring the evil police chief down. To do so he has to face those who follow the crooked cop.

Woman as The Temptress: 

Woman as The Temptress Bridget Fonda has her own problems. Her daughter has been taken away. She wants Jet to help get her daughter back. Possibly destroying Jets opportunity to clear his name.


Apotheosis After fighting his way through some guards. Jet finds himself facing the two body guards of the police chief. They were twins, blonde, huge and new kungfu. After defeating them, Jet becomes unstoppable.

Atonement with The Father.: 

Atonement with The Father. Before Jet takes out the police chief. He walks slowly with a confidence he has just begun to show. Knowing he will use the one fighting technique that is forbidden, 'The Kiss of Death'.

The Ultimate Boon: 

The Ultimate Boon Jet finds the crooked cop in a room waiting for him. One shot is fired but at the price of the cops life. Jet quickly performs the kiss of death on the police chief. A move that makes the enemy cramp up all over the body, so they stand in paralysis, Bleeding from the nose, ears, mouth, and eyes. Slowly and painfully dieing.

Magic in Flight: 

Magic in Flight Now that Jet has killed the chief he has get the surveillance tapes that will clear his name to the American Embassy. And make sure Bridget is still Alive.

Crossing The Return Threshold: 

Crossing The Return Threshold Jet Gets the tape the Embassy and clears his name. While Bridget rests in the hospital.

Master of Two worlds.: 

Master of Two worlds. Jet Returns home with new knowledge and an appreciation for life that he did not have before.

Freedom To Live: 

Freedom To Live As the story ends. Jet realizes that no matter who the person is you should not judge them until you get to know them.

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