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Windows Vista SKUs: 

Windows Vista SKUs


2 Windows Vista Express Upgrade Path Windows XP Home Business X64 Home Premium Home Basic Business Windows XP Pro/Tablet Windows X64 Windows XP Media Center

Vista Minimum System Requirement: Vista Minimum System Requirement PCs that meet the minimum supported system requirements will be able to run the core features of Windows Vista with the basic user experience.

Graphics Processor Unit (GPU): 

Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) A DirectX 9 class Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) is required. Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) graphics and DVD-ROM drive recommended GPUs Intel – DX9 GPUs below are supported Intel® 915G Express Chipset or higher Intel® 915GM Express Chipset or higher ATI – All DX9 GPUs supported R300 and higher RV350 and higher RS400 and higher M10 and higher nVidia – All DX9 GPUs supported FX family, 5xxx and higher NV30 based

Feature Differentiation at a Glance: 

Page 5 Feature Differentiation at a Glance *Available separately for free for these SKUs only

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