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What do you really want the website to say? How do you lay out the website and web pages?  When it's completed, where do you publish?  OPENING Note - exercise


OUTLINE How Do We Get Started Creating A Web Site Publishing A Website Advance Stuff (cool things) Do’s andamp; Don’ts Questions


GET STARTED Definition of a website – Website web·site or Web site (wbst) n. A set of interconnected web pages, usually including a homepage, generally located on the same server, and prepared and maintained as a collection of information by a person, group, or organization. Should add - is a collection of files and folders Demo


GET STARTED Identify GOALS – What is the main purpose of your web site? Know your AUDIENCE - Who will visit the web site? Design CRITIQUES - Ask around, what do you think? Content INVENTORY – Put it down on paper SEARCH THE WEB – subject 'touring motorcycle riding'


GET STARTED Draw it out on paper – Story Board it Layout


CREATING THE WEBSITE Planning the layout Pages must be functional, with logical navigation Page must be easy to update Organize all the files Try to keep filenames, and not moving files Graphic design is part of functional and navigation


CREATING THE WEBSITE PROGRAMS – FrontPage 2003 / Xara Webstyle 4 / StudioLine Web Edition 2.5.10 / SiteSpinner 2 / EzGenerator Website Builder 2.0.87 / Effective Site Studio 2004:2 / Ready-Site Pro 1.0 / BestAddress HTML Editor 2005 / AceHTML Pro 6.04.2 / etc… This is just a small example of programs available Programs are not limited to Windows only.


CREATING THE WEBSITE PROGRAMS – Windows – Tucows Mac – Tucows Linux - Tucows Can you write HTML without a program? YES, you can


CREATING THE WEBSITE What it really looks like -


CREATING THE WEBSITE WHAT it really looks like -


CREATING THE WEBSITE Disk Based vs. Server Based Themes vs. Template Tables andamp; Frames


CREATING THE WEBSITE Disk Based vs. Server Based Disk based is located on your local computer Server based located on your hosting computer Website can be created on both in part or full.


CREATING THE WEBSITE Themes vs. Template Themes are made up of specific graphics, formatting, and color scheme elements. Templates contain one or more specific web pages that might be formatted with a theme.


CREATING THE WEBSITE Tables andamp; Cells Tables are the design corner stone of basic page layout process




CREATING THE WEBSITE Frames Enable the developer to divide a web site into different section, each with its own scrollbars and navigational capabilities Why use them? They are very easy to design and implement and easy for user to navigate When not use them? Not all browsers support them. Many search engines will not post them. They are hard to print. Outdated




PUBLISHING THE SITE Where to Host Your Site Your Computer Your ISP Free Service (are overloaded and slow) Hosting Company Dedicated Shared Domain Name?


PUBLISHING THE SITE Hosting Company (plans) MP Hosting Net Firms Go Daddy Free Hosting Angel Fire


PUBLISHING THE SITE Getting Your Website Transferred FTP Control Panel WebDAV File System




ADVANCE (COOL THINGS) Tools – Analyzer No Click List of sites w/tools TOOLS / TOOLS / TOOLS


DO’S andamp; DON’TS Do keep it simple. Do Make it eye pleasing. Don’t use a Flash introduction. Don’t put music or sound files on your site. Don’t put a lot of slow-loading graphics on your page. Do make sure your visitors at a glance knows what your site is about. Don’t use pop-ups on your website.


Slides by Rich Carey Text by Rich Carey Graphics by Rich Carey I would like to thank my family and friends for making this possible. All rights reserved. If you have any questions then contact the internet police about any violations to anything that was not covered or nervously place in the presentation.

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