using hypnosis to cure insomnia

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An overview of the use of hypnosis in the treatment of insomnia.


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Using Hypnosis to Cure Insomnia : 

Using Hypnosis to Cure Insomnia Dr. Ruth Lever Kidson

Causes of Insomnia : 

Causes of Insomnia Wide variety of causes (eg anxiety, pain, and some medications) May also occur for no reason at all. May just be a habit – the vicious circle needs to be broken

The Hypnotic Trance : 

The Hypnotic Trance Not actually a form of sleep, but a very similar state. Because of its ability to induce deep relaxation, hypnosis can be a very effective treatment for insomnia. When a vicious circle needs to be broken, hypnosis can produce dramatic results.

How Hypnosis is Used : 

How Hypnosis is Used The relaxation that hypnosis produces helps relieve the anxiety associated with the insomnia. Post-hypnotic suggestions may be given to diminish the effects of insomnia (exhaustion, irritability etc.) Teaching patients self-hypnosis to help them to bridge the gap between wakefulness and sleep.

Additional Benefits : 

Additional Benefits Relief of anxiety Stopping nightmares

Hypnosis vs. Sleeping Pills : 

Hypnosis vs. Sleeping Pills Hypnosis is not an instant cure. The patient will need to practise self-hypnosis regularly. Hypnosis is perfectly safe to use a second time, or even a third, should the patient wake during the night. There are no unpleasant after-effects in the morning.

More Information : 

More Information For more information on complementary, orthodox and self-help methods of treating insomnia – and to claim a free downloadable hypnosis mp3 – go to:

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