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Innovative Watch Designs Nixon watch organization has produced a brand that I believe stands out through the bunch. Nixon watches are retro new and edgy at the very same period. I will say theyre one of my personal favorite watch companies. Their watch designs are uplifting. The technique of theirs for inspiration is interesting and unique. Nixon makes use of action sport stars to assist them think of new designs. For instance they are going to focus on a surf pro taking what he must have in a watch and mixing a few that with styles which are great that they produce beautiful watches. Not merely will they employ action sport stars they think of themes. By creating around these themes they think of brand new modern watch designs. One watch which caught my eye was what they phone "The Dork". Do you recall the dorky child in school with the Timex calculator timepiece tucked in high water pants and also polo shirt Nixon had taken that idea and then made it cool. "The Dork" features a long rectangular case with a metallic surface over the top. The bottom part of the situation is matte black and used holes to mimic the calculator. "The Dork" has a black or brown leather band. I adore "The Dork". Yet another one of my personal favorite Nixon watches is "The Murf". Its a fantastic retro experience to it but Nixon did an incredible job of updating the appearance and succeeding suitable for our time. "The Murf" features a square case. The pinnacle of the watch has a beautifully placed wood inlay. The smaller part of the watch relies on an excellent looking retro dial to maintain time. "The Murf" includes a metal band. In case youre searching for a watch that not everyone else has and a watch which enables you to express who youre I highly recommend taking a peek at Nixon watches. I like what theyre doing with the watches of theirs. I believe the distinctive approach to watch style is whats separating them from the bunch. Find More Information:

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