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Beyond Nevada: The World of International Opportunities Judith Carrico – Career Development Debby Carlson – Career Development Kevin Gaw – Career Development (Coordinating Panelist) Tamara Valentine – Honors Program Presenters November 16, 2005 University of Nevada, Reno


Career Advice for Global Citizens


Defining the “International” Position International company Contact with people from other countries Live and work abroad for periods of time Work in the United States and travel abroad Targeted skill or area of knowledge Base of multicultural interest and proficiency

Skills Required for International Jobs: 

Skills Required for International Jobs Ability to learn Adventurous spirit Creativity Cross cultural competence Curiosity Functional skills Initiative Language skills Sense of humor Sensitivity, adaptability, flexibility Strong interpersonal skills Tenacity Willingness to take risks

Basic elements to the job-search process: 

Basic elements to the job-search process Experiential education Strategic job search Research Consider teaching English securing a domestic position first accepting a position with a new company Stay involved in the process; don’t give up


Where to find international jobs Websites for: Federal Government The United Nations and Related International Organizations International Business and Banking Nonprofit Organizations International Communications Teaching Abroad International Law Books


Internships and Volunteering around the Globe


TAKE ADVANTAGE OF INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES WHILE IN COLLEGE USAC Semester at Sea Volunteering Internships Scholarships Develop skills, memories, friendships to have and build on for the rest of your life.


VOLUNTEERING: Unpaid The work is to benefit the organization’s mission, such as the environment, community development, youth Not necessarily related to your career field


INTERNSHIPS: Paid or unpaid Related to your career field Must have learning objectives/outcomes The experience is for your benefit, to assist you in your professional development


VALUE OF VOLUNTEERING & INTERNSHIPS: Develop transferable skills Learn about other people/cultures/countries Build your resume/graduate school application Internships, the #1 career development step you can take (NACE Employer Survey 2004) By volunteering, learn that you CAN make a difference and show that you care to do so


VOLUNTEERING Pros: Little or no language required May not need specific skills/knowledge Providing service to communities Cons: No pay (usually) Sometimes you pay them! Possible challenging or unstable environments INTERNSHIPS Pros: Resume builder related to career Possible to get credit/transcript notation Cons: No pay, small pay, or you pay Upper language skills may be required VISA difficulties in some cases


INTERNSHIP/VOLUNTEER RESOURCES: USAC Web resource list - examples Credit/Transcript Notation Career Development Resource Library Individual appointment


“This program was the best experience of my life.  The places, people and staff never ceased to amaze me.  Everything was beautiful and I am a better person for having come here.”  Steffanie Warner, Arizona State – ISV participant


“I’ve had the time of my life.  These people, especially the children (in Dominican Republic) helped me to search within myself and find out what life is all about.  They convinced me to dig deeper than I ever have before.”  Erin Ricketts, University of Nebraska – ISV participant


Global Teaching Opportunities


Do you hold a valid teaching credential or license? Two questions that will determine where you can teach: Do you have two years of current experience using the credential/license?


Valid credential / license and 2+ years of experience International Schools American and British Schools Missionary Schools Department of Defense Dependents Schools Company Schools


Valid credential / license and 2+ years of experience International School Services ISS requires 2 plus years of Current teaching experience.


Valid credential / license and 1 year of experience International Schools American and British Schools Missionary Schools Department of Defense Dependents Schools Company Schools


Valid credential / license and 1+ year of experience UNI successfully places some 60% of first-year and inexperienced teachers each year at its recruiting fairs.


Attend a Recruitment Fair To interview successfully, most candidates go through a service (e.g., ISS) and then attend a recruitment fair. Plan well ahead, and research options! Consider several general geographic regions/areas to increase your success. Be prepared to say yes (and mean it!) after an interview. The verbal contract is considered valid and binding. Example IRC Calendar


Contracts, Verbal Agreements, and You Principals and Superintendents are often allowed to make job offers at recruitment fairs. Your verbal agreement to an offer is considered a contractual agreement. Don’t say yes if you are unsure! Reneging on a verbal agreement is considered extremely bad form and generally will result in tarnishing your candidacy for any other overseas teaching opportunities. The international educational system is a small world.


Student Teaching and Field Experience Abroad Examples!


Student Teaching and Field Experience Abroad Make contact with individual schools overseas and propose a plan of study


Teaching without a credential or license, or limited teaching experience ESL-type programs Native speaker programs Peace Corps TEFL, TEFOL, TESL, TESOL, or ESL experience and certification really, really helps! Examples!


Web Resources Transitions Abroad – K-12 and Universities Teaching English US Department of State Overseas Opportunities Office – University of Michigan There are many web-based resources. Be sure to carefully assess the quality of their information and services.


Sample Websites of Various Schools Overseas


The Basic Timeline Fall - Research opportunities, select services, and apply Winter - Attend recruitment fairs, apply, interview and accept Spring - Interview and accept Summer - Relocate to your new teaching post!


Actualizing Your Global Dream


Office of Undergraduate Fellowships Coordinated by the Honors Program Institutional Representative (NAFA) Assistance and Advice on application process Information Guidance Screening Panel of experts and consulting faculty Submission External Fellowship Committee

Applying for National Scholarships: 

Applying for National Scholarships Nationally competitive Merit-based National funding from outside sources Prestigious: carry prestige, open doors, build resumes, ticket to additional funding Opportunity for study, travel, research, continue education Time and Preparation: planning, application, proposal, personal statement, letters of recommendation, transcripts, interview, nomination

What is Involved?: 

What is Involved? Basic components Application Academic Proposal/Statement of Purpose: what you want to do, why, where, how, and when Personal Statement: presents a picture of yourself Activities List: evidence of a well-rounded individual References: 3-8 references Transcripts Nomination Interview Differences: number of awardees, eligibility require-ments, award amounts, field of study and career objectives, language requirements, screening process, and deadlines

Student Profile: 

Student Profile Academic achievement Passion and commitment Specific career goals Will contribute to a field of study Professional and academic relationships Service: unpaid internships, volunteer activities, school/professional/communities activities Leadership skills Communication skills: written and spoken Compassionate Well-rounded citizen of the nation and the world


Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, premier international scholarship: Fulbright U.S. Student Program Recent graduates, predoctoral candidates, and developing professionals and artists To conduct career-launching study, research, and teaching abroad 140+ nations currently involved U.S. Apply Senior year Awards round-trip transportation, language courses, tuition, books, research allowance, and health insurance Deadline: October 20


Apply Senior year Awards round-trip transportation, language courses, tuition, books, research allowance, and health insurance Deadline: October 20 Eligibility Must be U.S. citizen at time of application Hold at least a B.A. degree or equivalent before start of grant Must have sufficient fluency in written and spoken language of host country Must be in good health

Types of Grants Available: 

Types of Grants Available Full Grants Airfare Health insurance Monthly Stipend In some cases, Dependent support Tuition Language lessons Research Allowances Travel Grants - Airfare Health insurance Special Programs English Teaching Assistantship Islamic Civilization Initiative Awards Business School (Spain & Mexico) Community Service- Russia

English Teaching Assistantships: 

English Teaching Assistantships Andorra Argentina Belgium/Luxembourg Bosnia/Herzegovina Brazil Chile Czech Republic France Germany Hungary Indonesia Korea Malaysia Romania Russia Slovak Republic Spain Taiwan Thailand Turkey Uruguay

Program Facts & Figures For the 2004/05 Academic Year: 

Program Facts & Figures For the 2004/05 Academic Year 1118 Grants were awarded Africa: 6% Near East/South Asia: 12% Western Hemisphere: 15% East Asia/Pacific: 21% East Europe/Eurasia 9% West Europe: 37%


Founded as an enduring gesture of thanks for assistance received from the U.S. in the aftermath of W.W.II. Purpose: to strengthen relationship between British and American peoples, their governments and their institutions. Students attend any university in U.K. for two years of study Be a U.S. citizen and have at least a 3.7 GPA Nomination Average award is £20,000, including: a personal allowance for cost of living, an arrival allowance, tuition, fees, books, daily expenses, approved travel, thesis preparation, and fares to and from the U.S. Up to 40 given Deadline:October 5,


Student earns master’s degree (2-yr) at Oxford University Be a U.S. citizen and have a GPA of at least a 3.9 Pays tuition and fees and an allowance of $14,000 Apply: senior year Nomination 32 given Deadline: Oct 4, 2005


Students attend the University of Cambridge Need bachelor’s degree and to be admitted to Cambridge and a constituent college Research distinction as undergraduate “Create a network of future leaders” Covers University fees, a maintenance allowance, and one return airfare Need to show sustained academic achievement 40-60 given Deadline: Nov. 1


For one year of graduate study at one of the nine Irish Universities Demonstrate a record of intellectual distinction, leadership, extracurricular activity, and personal integrity Purpose: to familiarize and connect the next generation of American leadership with Ireland Senior year apply Awards 12 scholarships; $12,000 stipend, tuition, board, and travel expenses Apply directly to the Us-Ireland Alliance Deadline October 10

David L. Boren: 

David L. Boren For study in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East Required to seek employment with a federal agency involved in national security affairs Students should be pursuing fields of study related to national security Award: Up to $10,000/semester Has a service requirement=to length of scholarship support Campus Advisor: USAC office

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi: 

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi Undergraduate Study Abroad Grant All fields Study between May 1 and June 30 56-90 hours before Feb 15; After study abroad, return to UNR for two semesters Apply online; submit to PKP by Feb 15 Purpose: to recognize and assist undergrads as they seek knowledge abroad 38 grants, $1,000 each, annually


Ambassadorial Scholarships More than 1,000 scholarships awarded (2003-04) Availability depends on district’s contributions to The Rotary Foundation Purpose: to further international under-standing and friendly relations among people of different countries To serve as ambassadors of goodwill to the host country To share with Rotarians and others the experiences that led to greater understanding of their host countries

Rotary International: 

Rotary International Eligibility Citizen of a country where Rotary club At least two years of college-level coursework Application through a Rotary club Proficiency in the language off host country

Types of Ambassadorial Scholarships: 

Types of Ambassadorial Scholarships Academic-year: covers transportation, tuition, fees, room and board expenses (up to $26,000) Multi-year: two years of degree-oriented study ($13,000/yr) Cultural: 3 or 6 months of language study and cultural immersion; covers transportation, language training expenses, homestay ($12,000 -$19,000); Arabic, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, and Swedish

Preparing for a Prestigious Scholarship: 

Preparing for a Prestigious Scholarship Take challenging classes Take language study classes Maintain a high GPA. Involve yourself in research activities Join honorary and academic societies Develop relationships with faculty members; make professional contacts Seek out leadership opportunities: campus involvement, community service, student governance; tutor Have a competitive spirit: enter contests, play sports

How do I stand out?: 

How do I stand out? Strive to become a national and world citizenship Keep current: read (New York Times, US News & World Report, National Review, The Nation); NPR Attend cultural events Learn a language; travel Attain good communication skills Be a well-rounded student: be involved Attend workshops on national scholarships, preparing personal statements, applying to graduate/professional school; requesting letters of recommendation

Build a Resume: 

Build a Resume Document your daily experiences: meetings, events attended, service activities, club participation, non-classroom experience, times, dates, amount of time spent Keep a portfolio of all activities, honors, awards, recognitions, letter Keep a current resume Do your homework: apply for scholarships, fellowships, and awards that fit your record and future goals and travel interests


Thank you! Judith Carrico – Career Development Debby Carlson – Career Development Kevin Gaw – Career Development Tamara Valentine – Honors Program


Beyond Nevada: The World of International Opportunities Judith Carrico – Career Development Debby Carlson – Career Development Kevin Gaw – Career Development (Coordinating Panelist) Tamara Valentine – Honors Program Presenters November 16, 2005 University of Nevada, Reno

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