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Closing Techniques

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Offer to Answer Questions Do you have any questions about what happens next? Any questions before we hang up? Anything you would like to ask me?

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Use Clearinghouse Questions Is there anything else you would like to add before we leave? Anything we have not addressed? Any problems we have not considered?

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Declare Completion That is everything I had in mind Well, that's all the questions I had for you at this time That pretty much wraps everything up

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Make Personal/Professional Inquiries Note this only works if you already know the person So how was your trip to Ireland? Where is your son going to college now? How is your student teaching going?

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Signal That Time Is Up That is all the time we have today I am sorry but my 15 minutes is up We are out of time today but can you meet again tomorrow?

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Explain The Reason For Closing I must end the interview because of a previous appointment I am sorry but we have other interviews to conduct today I have to pick my kids up from school

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Arrange next Meeting Could you answer some more questions on Friday? This is a good start. Could you see me again next week? What does your schedule look like on the 7th?

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Nonverbal Closing Actions Straightening up in your seat Leaning forward Standing up or moving away from the other party Uncrossing our legs Placing our hands on our knees Breaking eye contact Offering to shake hands Making hand movements Smiling Looking at clock/watch

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