10 Reasons why you are so special


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10 Reasons why you are so Special

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1. You are Reading this! You are a sentient being biologically and culturally evolved to a point where you can search, filter, decode and organize information shared by other fellow beings. No small thing. On a neurological level, there is a lot going on – millions of interconnected neurons firing in parallel and reconfiguring connections on the fly. Amazing stuff. On a demographic and historic level, you are part of a very privileged group of humans who live in a time where literacy and ubiquity of information is spread to most part of the planet.

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2. You are living in a pivotal age in the history of the world we are actually on the edge of a turning point of a huge and unprecedented technological and social shift. Futurists like Ray Kurzweil describe this tipping point as the technological singularity in which the breakthrough in one enabling technology will foster an accelerated change in other technologies. A singularity point will be reached in which the shift is so big as to be like nothing else experienced in the history of humanity. We are living witnesses at the dawn of this change.

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3. You have the power to change things We are so blind to this yet we do turn around events and bring about change on a daily basis. Through imagination, creative thinking, planning and visualization, we take action to make things happen or influence their coming about.

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4. You have the power to love & bring joy to fellow humans The power of love, compassion and empathy is immense. Giving is a way to pass on the human legacy of bonding, caring and loving. Altruism alone can leave positive effects through the network of human relations across time that no other external resource can.

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5. You have the power to bring about Life (or had depending on your biological age and gender) The capacity to propagate life is an amazing thing. This is the ultimate force of nature, mightier than the mightiest storm, eruption or hurricane.

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6. You have the power to be the medium of a million good things To Help Teach Inspire Motivate Make Aware Share emotion & experiences with others

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7. You have the power to aspire & create new things New ideas, designs, new ways of thinking, new ways of seeing things. You have immense creative powers waiting to be unleashed even if you might think you don’t.

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8. You can leave something behind that makes a difference to others Could be a book, your ideas, your belongings, your memories, your children, your dreams.

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9. You carry a code You are a living medium to the genetic propagation of the future human race.

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10. You can re-learn the world around you You have the incredible power to learn new things and reshape your knowledge as you interact with your environment and build up experience. You have the ability to correct and change your point of view as you widen your horizons of knowledge.

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The End Presentation by Gilbert Ross www.soulhiker.com Thank You

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