5 worldviews the world can do without


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5 Worldviews the world can do without

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# 5 We are separate from the rest We grow up to believe that we are distinct and separate from other people, other sentient creatures and nature around us. This belief is reinforced by culture. Believing that we are separate and distinct fuels short-term decisions based on self-centered interests. It also makes us feel spiritually disconnected which is partly the cause of the neurosis of modern man. Think about spiritually rich cultures such as the native Americans who believed that  they were one with nature and an integral part of the circle of life.

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# 4 Scientific reductionism/materialism Often referred to as the classical view of Science, it is the held assumption that every phenomena in nature, including the subjective experiences of consciousness can be explained in terms of chemical and physical processes. This general scientific worldview, which is still advocated in some scientific circles, has created an aura of disenchantment with the world and the universe around us. I do believe that everything can ultimately be explained scientifically but to reduce it to the chemical and physical processes is a very flattened view of Science. Existence is too broad and rich to be reduced to such a flat line of explanation.

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# 3 Anthropocentrism The view that humans are at the centre of the universe and have the right to dominate over all other creatures. Anthropocentrism is more of an attitude than an explicit worldview.  We feel that everything on the earth and beyond belongs to humans. This idea allowed Man to cumulatively exploit nature, abuse of the earth’s resources and lack respect to other non-human sentient creatures.

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# 2 Fundamentalism & dogma-driven fanaticism Dogma-driven religious or political fanaticism (of any religion or political view) is one of the guises of the ego. It is about the ego’s attachment to an irrational mindset which it won’t let go of. Fundamentalist views are very often based on authoritarian, male-centric and ultra conservative structures. It is inevitable that such worldviews very often cause high emotional arousal, hatred, intolerance, ethnic turmoil, fear-based indoctrination and even violence and blood-shed.

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# Nationalism/Fascism All in all the ideology is ultimately based on the illusion of the ego and the irrational fear of all that is different and new. Nationalism and its extreme fringes are based on the idea that a nation constitutes a homogenous cultural identity that should be protected from the erosion and infiltration by other cultures and ethnicity. It is about the ‘us and them’, the ‘they are different than us’, ‘our culture’, ‘our nation’, ‘our women’, etc.  It feeds on the misperception of separateness or in many cases racial and cultural superiority. This worldview is the cry of the collective ego to keep away the different and the unknown and safeguard that which is known – that which they can identify with.

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