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Perks of being a WordPress Consultant that you should know We have talked to some people who left their full-time jobs at organisations so that they can work at ease at home rather than spending long hours at the workplace. Surprisingly the major chunk of people are happy to have changed their work lifestyle This may come as a healthy surprise for all of you who are in the dilemmatic situation of whether or not to let go of their jobs to a more risky but very profitable job at home Risky or profitable or both Well we are going to talk all about how it feels like being a WordPress consultant and the work routine. Of course we will also tell you the earnings and how you can optimize your work to earn more than your underpaid regular job. Well that’s the reason why you left the regular full-time job. Isn’t it How it feels like to be a self-driven WordPress Development Consultant We got to know from the full-time developers who let go of their safe and secure full-time paying jobs to self- motivated work at home position to be a WordPress consultant that it seems really scary at first to resign from the job where you just need to focus on the assigned tasks and you don’t worry about the whole fortune and destiny of the organisation you are working for. However things stat become all the more serious when you take the reigns of your work and career in your own hand and that too second-handedly without any career backup at all Benefits of being a WordPress Consultant at your own pace: You should know the benefits of being a WordPress Consultant and make sure beforehand that you don’t have to go through troubles when you leave your job. ● Ease of Working at Home: The best part of working at your own terms is that you don’t have to go to office early in the morning or late at night. All you need to have is a working internet connection that has to be stable no matter where you are

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Wherever you are means you may spending a long weekend with your family at beaches like Bali Thailand or Miami. As long as you are connected to your email inbox your phone your website/ blog social media and just everything that connects you to your clients go on and have fun by the beach and working at the same time earning money ● Friendly Global WordPress Community: There is no dearth of talent and skills and so the community you get with being involved in everything WordPress is just phenomenal in each aspect. You get a friendly community which is alway there at almost every query you may have. Such is the ecosystem that makes WordPress alive and flourishing. The blogs that are established by talented WordPress developers and consultants are so informative that regularly following them would make you so well-informed and aware of the current and latest updated scenario around this powerful CMS called WordPress. ● Established Platform with Popularity: You are not jumping into anything new and unstable. Mark these words as we don’t want to scare you away from this endeavour at all. Thousands of full-time developers shift their lifestyles primarily because they are well-aware of the benefits that many WordPressers are gauging in. We always read an interesting fact that WordPress powers 28 of the total websites on the internet. This is indeed quite satisfying a fact when you are letting yourself immerse in a career of opportunities as awesome as being a WordPress consultant professionally. Amazing Tips to work like a pro WordPress Consultant: After reading the benefits of being a consultant of the CMS- WordPress you must be thinking to get some tips to take your freelancing career to a high level. These tips will let you create better relations with your clients and customers: ● Ask about Budget without hesitation. ● Keep Clear-Defined Goals while talking to clients. ● Keep your customer questions as priority. ● Don’t try to be too smart with your clients.

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● Learn the methods of talking professionally. ● Stay updated about WordPress most importantly ● Attend seminars and events. ● Be a quick one in responding to client queries. Conclusion: You can be a 6-figure earning WordPress consultant in just a few months if you pay heed to the USP of WordPress and promote it likewise

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