Japan Strategic Concept

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JMSDF Geo-Strategic Concept RADM Masanori Yoshida Defense and Naval Attaché, Japan 16 DDH


Background - Détente in the Cold War era Concept - Basic Defense Force Concept : Possess the minimum defense capability : Not turn into a power vacuum and an unstable factor - Deterrent-oriented JMSDF put a stress on the ASW capability against Soviet Navy


Background - End of the Cold War - Increase in expectations for the SDF Concept - Follow the Basic Defense Force Concept - Focus on further utilization of defense capabilities : Respond to various contingencies : Contribute to the establishment of stable environment JMSDF has built up its capabilities to deal with various missions


Background - Advent of new security environment : Terrorism, Proliferation of WMD Concept - Review the Basic Defense Force Concept - Build effective defense capabilities : Multi-functions & Flexibility - Capability-oriented JMSDF sets forward force build-up from new strategic standpoint


Response to Ballistic Missile Attack Effective Responses to New Threats and Diverse Contingencies Cooperation for PSI and other efforts - Anti Maritime Terrorism and Anti Piracy PSI and other International Activities - Anti Maritime Terrorism and Anti Piracy Response to Situations in Areas Surrounding Japan International Disaster Relief Operations International Peace Cooperation Activities Response to Large-scale Disasters Response to Armed Special Ops Vessels Response to Invasion on territories Ensuring the Safety of Maritime Traffic Contingencies Efforts to Improve International Security Environment Preparations to Deal with Full-scale Invasion Classification


Critical Area for the Defense of Japan Key SLOCs for peace and prosperity of Japan and the regional countries

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