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Honyaku Center Inc. Ikuo Higashi President www.honyakuctr.com 28. May. 2006 Translation Industry of Japan Today


1.Ratio by annual sales of 124 corporate respondents Up to 2billion yen 1.5billion- 2billion yen 1billion- 1.5billion yen 0.5 billion- 1billion yen 0.3billion- 0.5billion yen 0.1billion- 0.5billion yen 50million- 0.1billion yen 30million- 50million yen 10million- 30million yen Under 10million yen (%) 1.6 0.8 0 3.2 8.1 28.2 17.8 14.5 14.5 11.3 Data source: Japan Translation Federation "2005 White Paper on Translation Industry"


2. Number of regular employees and contract translators in 2005 (figures within parenthesis are as of researched in 2004 ) Data source: Japan Translation Federation "2005 White Paper on Translation Industry"


Financial And legal 10.4% 3. Translation by industrial field (2004)


English 74.0% (66.2) Chinese 6.6% (8.0) German 5.5% (5.4) Korean 4.5% (5.5) French 3.8% (5.1) Spanish 1.3% (4.0) other 4.3% (5.8) 4. Translated Languages (2004) Data source: Japan Translation Federation "2005 White Paper on Translation Industry"


Corporate Name: Honyaku Center Established: April 1986 President: Ikuo HIGASHI Head Office: Hirano-machi Century Bldg. 9F, 2-5-8 Hirano-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan Office Locations: Tokyo, Nagoya Paid-in capital: 386,000,000 yen Number of Employees: 128 Business Operation: Translation Services Net Sales: 3,488,000,000 yen (fiscal 2005) URL: http://www.honyakuctr.com


To support our clients and make a significant contribution to the global business economy through our high-quality translation services. Corporate Philosophy Scale Quality Service Resources Why Honyaku Center?


Estimate Confirmation of delivery date, budget, finishing requirements, and purpose of translation.        NDA Conclusion of confidentiality agreement. Selection of Translator Selection of the appropriate translator by the coordinator assigned to you via a purpose-built database. Translation Close cooperation between the translator and coordinator to produce a translation meeting all customer specifications. Quality Control Proofreading by specialists with knowledge and experience in the field of the translation, language experts, native speakers of the target language, or other skilled individuals according to content. DTP / Finishing Data input, layout and editing by skilled operators. Delivery Delivery of translation by e-mail, courier or fax. Inquiry Feedback We welcome your feedback and will reflect it in subsequent translations for you. Feedback may also be provided to the translator as necessary. Estimates and trial translations are provided free of charge.


thousand yen


Fulfill our role as the leading Japanese company in translation by advancing the industry as a whole Firmly establish the fledgling translation sector as a recognized bona fide industry Contribute to the development of Japanese and global commerce and industry Improve the social standing of translators by increasing our presence in the business world Grow with our customers, the translation industry and our translators We aim to…

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