F-16 Fighting Falcon

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F-16 Fighting Falcon:

F-16 Fighting Falcon By Billy Yi

What Is It?:

What Is It? A multirole fighter jet. Designed for the United States Air Force (USAF). First test flight on 2 nd February 1974. Over 4400 F-16s exist.


Design Bubble canopy. Side-stick controller. Combat features eg . M61 Vulcan cannon.

General Configuration:

General Configuration Wing fuselage. Fore-body strakes. Empennage arrangement.

Negative Static Stability:

Negative Static Stability First fighter jet to have unstable aerodynamic. Most fighter jets have positive static stability, this hampers manoeuvrability.

Fly-By-Wire :

Fly-By-Wire Replaces the manual flight controls with electric interface. Flight controls are converted into electronic signals. Has automatic signals, which will automatically stabilize the aircraft.

Cockpit and Ergonomics:

Cockpit and Ergonomics The cockpit has a 360 0 all-round visibility. It has a 40 0 look-down angle from the side of the plane and 15 0 over the nose. Also it lacks the forward bow frame found on most fighters.

Fire-control Radar:

Fire-control Radar Originally equipped with Westinghouse AN/ANPG-66. Now equipped with AN/APG-66 control radar, AIM-7 Sparrow missiles.

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Researched by Billy Yi Presentation by Billy Thank you for listening.

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