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guideline to use math for engg.teacher.


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Use of Application of Mathematics by Engineering students:

Use of Application of Mathematics by Engineering students Presented By: Prof. Kulkarni Sonali S.


Introduction Mathematics is considered to be the base of all sciences. It has application in almost all the fields of scientific as well as non-scientific study. There are vast application in each branch of Engineering. In order to be a good engineer one should be capable of handling mathematical problems efficiently. Some of the applications are as follows





Applications to Mechanical and Production Engineering :

Applications to Mechanical and Production Engineering Algebra and Trignometry is used almost in all areas of Mechanical Engineering. 2. Statistics i.e. mean deviation and standard deviation are used in Experimental design and analysis,Design,Quality , Assurance Manufacturing 3. Derivatives and integrals are used in Statics and mechanics, Thermodynamics , Energy and work, Control theory. 4. Ordinary Differential equations are used in heat conduction, Fully developed flow, Solid state diffusion Dynamic systems. 5. Vector Analysis is used in Statics, dynamics, and kinematics, mechanics of Materials.



Application to Electrical Engineering:

Application to Electrical Engineering Trignometry , complex numbers are used in study of transmission and distribution of electric power. In the circuit areas dealing with power, and power transfer, knowledge of integral calculus andbasic differentiation is required especially for maximum power transfer analysis. The study of electromagnetics requires a conceptual understanding of partial differential equations and their solutions, and the power and limitations of numerical solutions techniques. 4. For continuous systems Laplace transforms are almost always the preferred method of solution. Discrete systems use the method of z-transforms.



Application to Civil Engineering:

Application to Civil Engineering To carry out the technical calculations necessary to plan a construction project. Vector calculus is used in Fluid Mechanics.



Application to Computer Science Engineering:

Application to Computer Science Engineering Differential and integral calculus, multidimensional calculus, and linear algebra is used Scientific computing and numerical analysis. Linear algebra (matrix algebra, change of coordinates), 3-dimensional calculus and topics from geometry are used in Computer Graphics. Transforms are used in speech understanding and synthesis algorithms.

Student’s difficulties with Mathematics:

Student’s difficulties with Mathematics Lacking pre-requisite skills: The main reason students have trouble with new skills is because they lack the prerequisite skills. Anxious about mathematics: These students often approach math with trepidation. Because math is difficult for them, "math time" is often an anxiety-ridden experience. 3. Poor math’s exam results 4. Pre entry (despite qualification) Attention Problem: Math requires a great deal of attention, particularly when multiple steps are involved in the problem solving process. Negative traits of Mathematics:

Reasons of Negative traits:

Reasons of Negative traits Not everyone has same flair for subject: Individual student has different IQ for different subject. Environmental difference at High School and Junior College level: The undergraduate level education is result of High School and Junior College level’s knowledge.

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Attitude difference: Students attitude towards using application of mathematics is not completely positive. Exam Oriented Study: Exam oriented study is also one cause of problems to use application of Mathematics.

Teacher’s Difficulties in Teaching Mathematics :

Teacher’s Difficulties in Teaching Mathematics Negative traits of students Different base of High School level Study Medium of learning in High School

Ways to motivate the student to use application of mathematics:

Ways to motivate the student to use application of mathematics Explain the importance of Mathematics to Engineering students Know the challenges that the Engineering students are facing Make them aware with use of math in life Motivate them to use the application of Mathematics

Suggestions for Improvement:

Suggestions for Improvement Find out problems faced by Engineering students in using application of Mathematics. Try to minimize it. Create a positive attitude about math's from very first day of Engineering.

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An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering. An ability to analyse and interpret data apply suitable formula and find the result. 3. An ability to identify , formulate and solve engineering problems 4. An ability to take a physical problem , express it in mathematical terms , solve the equations , and then interpret the result.

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