Make A Career Change To Digital Marketing In 3 Simple Steps

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Make A Career Change To Digital Marketing In 3 Simple Steps

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WANT A DIGITAL MARKETING JOB I received two email messages in one week from LinkedIn folks asking for advice on how to transition into digital. As any good digital citizen does I immediately thought: BLOG POST This is meant for anyone who wants to transition into digital marketing. Also some digital veterans will benefit from this as well for recruiting and making sure we shore up on our own digital citizenship.

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The size of digital teams is exploding. Forrester did a report called “Right-Size Your Interactive Marketing Organization” where they uncovered some juicy trends for digital. Juicy Trends 1. At the end of 2009 60 of marketers surveyed had fewer than 10 people dedicated to digital.

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2. By 2012 only 17 had teams this small. 3. 45 boasted more than 25 dedicated digital marketers. 4. 20 had 100 or more digital staff. Top 3 tips for getting a job in digital: 1. Invest in Building Your Online Presence.

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Guess what happens when an employer in the digital industry searches for your name on Google and sees nothing Most likely: Wop Waa… NOTHING. You won’t even be considered. If you don’t have profiles built and optimized for LinkedIn Twitter etc… or a even a personal blog or website to showcase who you are and what you stand for folks are going to question your commitment to digital and social media. When you say you are

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passionate about digital – don’t just pay lip service own it by getting active in it. Takeaway: Go optimize your social presence starting with LinkedIn. 2. Educate Yourself and Stay Up on Things. Digital marketing is fast paced. If the idea of changing technology makes you want to go into a fetal position digital

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marketing is not for you. On the other hand if that makes you jump for joy get ready for a wild ride. Everyday new tools and features are popping up. It is your job to keep your finger on the pulse of the market identifying what is relevant to your audience curating content and contributing your perspective.

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Takeaway: To stay up on things consider following movers and shakers in your space on Twitter with Twitter lists using an RSS reader to follow great blogs reading the news and attending educational events and conferences where new stuff often launches

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3. Stand for Something Like I said more often than not people will Google you to learn more about who you are. What would be really excellent is to have your future employer find a treasure trove of content with your perspective on things. AND what would be even better is for the content to showcase who you are why you do what you do and your point of view on things. This is helpful and is a good way for your future

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employer to understand whether you would be a good fit for their culture and how you can benefit their business goals. Also it can help you get on the radar of companies that are relevant to your area of interest. Keep at it and ultimately you may not need to interview ever again Instead companies will come for you

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Takeaway: Develop your online brand by sharing your unique point of view is an initiative to educate people on scope of digital marketing in india. Whether you want to know what is digital marketing or looking for a comprehensive guide on digital marketing career path jobs etc. this website is a must visit.

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