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Specifications: - 1. Movable and can be installed anywhere 2. Solar Panel placed on top 3. 20Watt Solar Panel 4. Ultraviolet LEDs 5. No Wiring Required 6. Internal Rechargeable Battery 7. 8-10 hours battery Backup 8. Battery- 10Ah Lithium Battery 9. Automatic Dusk to Dawn Operation 10. Inbuilt Charge-Controller 11. Battery Overcharge Protection 12. Deep Discharge Protection 13. Short Circuit Protection 14. Highly reliable and best quality PV Modules 15. Eco - friendly (no fossil fuel, no pollution) 16. Suitable for Cities, Villages/Rural and Agricultural Production Applications. Benefits: - 1. Power Saver 2. Easy to Use 3. Economical 4. No external wiring and thus shock free 5. Simple Installation 6. No Maintenance 7. Compact, Portable and Easy Mountable. Applications: Houses, Gardens, Hotels, Parks, Hatcheries, Fish Farming, Agricultural & Farming Ob


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Solar Pump SPECIAL OFFERS : Solar Water Pump Online at Discounted Prices on GreenMaxTechnology. We are the Largest Dealer Supplier and Manufacturer of the Solar Panels Solar Water Pumps Solar LED Street Light and Solar Induction Cooker in India. Supplier of Solar Insect Killer July 31 2019 GREENMAX TECHNOLOGY SOLAR BUGS KILLER What are Solar Insect Killer Solar power insect killer convert electricity from daylight with the use of photovoltaic cells. This electricity does not just power the LED and UV lights it also produces an electrical shockwave that kills flying insects. These solar trapper come with a solar panel on top so that they get maximum sunlight. Solar power bug killer usually contain a few basic components: • An outside case or housing for the trap • A bright light usually ultraviolet which invites insects • Electrical grids around the light • A transformer to produce an electric charge This site uses cookies from Google to deliver its services and to analyse traffic. Your IP address and user agent are shared with Google together with performance and security metrics to ensure quality of service generate usage statistics and to detect and address abuse. LEARN MORE OK

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How Do Solar Power Bug Trapper Work Solar power bug zappers work in very unassuming ways they kill bugs and flying insects by electrocuting them. The trap entices the insects towards them with bright lights. Some manufacturers also add chemical baits to attract flying insects. When the insects fly into the housing and touch the electrical grid they are instantly killed. Many zappers come equipped with a tray in which dead insects fall. This makes cleaning up the zapper very easy. This type of zapper is very effective easy to use and suitable. The device needs to be kept in an area where there is strong sunlight with no blockages. The trapper will store solar energy to

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a ea e e t e e s st o g su g t t o b oc ages e t appe sto e so a e e gy to activate the device in the day and will switch on automatically in the night. Some models also come with rechargeable batteries or with electrical cords. VIDEO LINK :  CONTACT US :  9993564198 0755-4277168 WEBSITE : solar insect killersolar insect catcheragriculture solar insect killersolar insect killer lamp solar insect trap for agriculturesolar insect trap pricesolar trap for insect in agriculture farms solar trap for agriculturesolar light trap in tamilsolar trap pricesolar insect solar insect light trapsolar insect trap pricesolar insect trappersolar insect trap for agriculturelatest insect killerbest solar insect killersolar insect trapper in india new solar insect killer india latest solar insect killer 2019solar insect killer for farmingsolar insect killer price solar insect catcher indiasolar insect killer led lampsolar powered insect killer solar insect killer lampsolar insect pest bug mosquito killermanufacture of solar insect killer bhopalsolar insect killer trapsfarm solar insect trapsolar insect lightsolar bug lightagricultural solar insect killer solar powered insect lightsolar insect killer light trapssolar insect killer light solar insect trapsolar insect killersolar insect trappersolar light insect trapsolar insect killer led lampsolar insect catchersolar bug

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Solar Pumps India Solar Induction Cooker Monsoon Special Offer On Solar Street Light Enter your comment... Popular posts from this blog July 08 2019 July 17 2019 July 15 2019 solar bug light solar insect catcher solar insect killer solar insect killer bhopal solar insect killer for agriculture farms solar insect trapper solar power bugs zapper Location: India Best Solar Water Pump in India 2019 Solar Pump India – The leading Solar Pumps provider in India with its consistent focus on technological innovation has attained heights unheard of in the largely unorganized industry. Having a clear technological edge creating new benchmarks and … READ MORE GREENMAX TECHNOLOGYSOLAR INDUCTION COOKERSpecial Offer : Solar DC Induction Cooker in India 2019 Time to reduce your expenses and save more for the future. … READ MORE GREENMAX TECHNOLOGYSOLAR LED STREET LIGHT Monsoon Special Dhamaka : 10 Discount on Solar Street Light in India …

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