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CAESAR SALAD S O H O . I E bacon cos leaves parmesan shavings croutons ceasar dressing WITHOUT CROUTONS WITHOUT BACON €8.50 BUFFALO CHICKEN WINGS blue cheese celery your choice of mild wild suicidal insane or BBQ SMALL €9.25 LARGE €14.95 COMBO PLATTER ENOUGH FOR 3 OR 4 chicken quesadilla wild wings BBQ ribs €25.00 SEARED BEED FILLET SALAD mizuna leaf roasted pine nuts sun-blushed tomatoes cashel blue cheese balsamic vinaigrette all meats seafood are cooked to order for your salad served warm €13.95 WARM CHICKEN SALAD chicken pickled cucumber potato cubes baby tomato chilli lime lemongrass fresh leaves €13.95 CAESAR SALAD bacon cos leaves Parmesan shavings croutons caesar dressing ADD CHICKEN €2 €11.95 A LA CARTE DINNER CRAB CLAWS chilli garlic ginger mirin €11.95 LEMON PEPPER CALAMARI semolina lemon pepper orange aioli fennel salad €10.95 NACHOS Monterey Jack cheddar jalapeños black olives sour cream salsa re-fried beans guacamole - ENOUGH FOR 2 REGULAR €10.95 CHICKEN €12.95 BEEF €12.95 CHICKEN TENDERS breaded fillet honey BBQ sauce or choose mild wild suicidal or insane buffalo sauce €8.95 BABY BACK RIBS 1/2 rack pork ribs honey BBQ sauce €8.95 QUESADILLA creole spices mixed cheddar peppers onions sides of salsa sour cream guacamole choose chicken or vegetarian SMALL €8.95 LARGE €11.95 APPETISERS APPETISERS SALADS

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FILLET ROCK S O H O . I E seared roasted rosemary garlic potatoes panfried mushrooms onions €27.00 FLAT IRON ROCK fries side salad €17.95 HEREFORD SIRLOIN 285G / 10OZ CHOOSE 1 SIDE €26.00 FILLET MIGNON 225G / 8OZ €27.00 FILLET MIGNON 285G / 10OZ €29.00 FILLET MIGNON 340G / 12OZ €33.00 A LA CARTE DINNER CHARGRILLED 8OZ IRISH BEEF BURGER choose toppings 75c each cheese bacon blue cheese mushroom onion. bbq sauce crispy onion our beef burgers are 8 oz of pure 100 Irish beef herbed spiced with lettuce tomato onion. choose a temp medium medium well or well done. choose brown or brioche bun all the above are served with French fries. substitute spanish fries €2 we use the finest 100 beef. locally sourced cooked on our chargrill finished in our ovens our steaks are served with mushrooms and onions and roasted carrots. choose your own side and sauce temperature guide : rare : red in the middle lots of red juices medium rare : still red with less red juice medium : pink firm medium well : may have a little pink well done : no pink meat add blue cheese to any steak €2.00 temperature guide rare : red in the middle lots of red juices medium rare : still red with less red juice medium : pink firm medium well : may have a little pink well done : no pink meat try our famous SoHo rock where food is served on a 400 degrees polished volcanic rock. no oils are used making this a really healthy choice. all our rocks are served with a chefs selection of sauces. plaease note all meats on the rock are served raw or lightly seared for you to cook to your likng €12.95 AMERICAN CLASSIC BURGER melted cheddar streaky bacon sauteed mushrooms onions €14.50 FILLET STEAK STRIP CIABATTA seared fillet strips sauteed mushroom onions pepper sauce add cheese 75c mashed potato french fries sweet potato fries CHOOSE YOUR SAUCE garlic butter black peppercorn sauce or red wine jus €13.95 BUFFALO CHICKEN BURGER pan-fried chicken breast mayo choose mild wild suicidal insane or honey bbq sauce €13.95 HALOUMI BURGER basil mayo rocket roast red pepper €11.95 BURGERS HOT ROCKS STEAKS

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PAPPARDELLE PASTA S O H O . I E smoked pancetta spinach garlic confit cream sauce shaved parmesan garlic ciabatta €16.00 Chicken €18.00 CHICKEN KATSU CURRY panko chicken aromatic curry sauce sticky rice salad €16.95 SEARED COD CASSOULET pan seared cod chorizo chickpeas tomato ragout €18.00 HERB CRUSTED RACK OF LAMB sundreid tomato basil champ rosemary jus €27.95 €3.00 A LA CARTE DINNER SOHO FAJITAS flour tortillas peppers onions sour cream guacamole salsa cheese lettuce add chorizo no extra charge dishes served with rice have the option of basmati or wholegrain VEG €17.00 CHICKEN €20.00 BEEF €22.00 PRAWN €23.00 COMBO OF 2 €24.00 PANFRIED SEARED CHICKEN BREAST MASHED POTATO FRENCH FRIES SWEET POTATO FRIES GARLIC BREAD WITH CHEESE SIDE SALAD €5.00 SINGLE SPANISH FRIES PORTION €2.00 SUBSTITUTE SPANISH FRIES FOR FRENCH FRIES ON ANY DISH bone in rock salt rosemary roast carrot butternut squash kale colcannon roast jus €17.00 MADRAS CURRY chicken or beef eastern spices chutney poppadam wild rice plum sauce sauteed kale roasted rosemary garlic potaoes €19.95 €17.95 HALF HONEY ROASTED DUCK 7oz flat iron steak served medium rocket parmesan chorizo butter served with french fries VEG €16.50 CHICKEN €17.50 BEEF €19.50 FLAT IRON STEAK BOARD MAINS MAINS SIDES

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