Restaurants and Pubs in Cork, Ireland

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Soho Corks Premier Venue for Cocktails and Food, corporate events venue cork, SoHo offers a wide range of fantastic food and the best atmosphere for all sports.


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Restaurants and Pubs in Cork I R E L A N D W W W . S O H O . I E

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WINE AT A RESTAURANT It is a great art to be able to order the right wine-meal pair for the occasion and doing it in the right way ensures a memorable and unforgettable dining occasion. Generally the leather bound wine list looks daunting and confusing with the number of varieties of varying price tags and origins countries. However you need not panic as every good restaurant serving wine trains their staff especially for serving wine at the table the Sommelier often considered the server to guide you out of this puzzle. restaurant menu covers offer almost endless opportunities for creativity. Turned edge covers are constructed with all edged French turned with no stitching and is generally padded. These covers can be made with or without padding and are also available in an With the restaurant menu covers there are many design options that can be implemented such as windows on the cover to frame a picture photo or metal insert. Metal inserts are generally embossed copper or aluminum available in different finishes. Pictures or renderings can be laminated to the cover as well as foil stamping of designs logos and establishment name can be added in single or multiple colors. ultra thin style for a thinner lighter cover. The frame style that works well for single page menus or wine lists with the menu page inserted into the cover and looks as though it is in a frame. Turned edge covers are available in single panel for a one page menu or multiple pages to accommodate up to 8 pages of menu.

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SOHO - RESTAURANT AND BAR CORK The bold menu it displays a number of classic French dishes. Begin with warm a goat cheese salad comprising three aromatic chunks melted on grilled French bread set atop plentiful lettuce doused in vinegar and oil. Foie gras ravioli with port wine is a tender and melt-in-the-mouth sensation and the perfect appetizer to stimulate the palate. Main courses at le Bouchon are surprisingly generous.  A real treat frog legs is fried in garlic and served with potatoes and sauteed vegetables while lamb shank is a large cut of flavorful meat cooked to juicy perfection topped with white bean sauce and surrounded by roasted potatoes and vegetables. There is a tempting range of traditional desserts that includes creme brulee covered with a very crispy layer of caramel over a rather fluffy vanilla-flavored custard. Mousse au chocolate is sinfully rich and served in a bowl made of edible waffle.

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E-MAIL        : INFOSOHO.IE CALL : 021 4224040 WEBSITE : HTTP://WWW.SOHO.IE S O H O - R E S T A U R A N T A N D B A R C O R K 7 7 G R A N D P A R A D E C O R K T 1 2 N F 7 0 I R E L A N D

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