SOHO Restaurants Corks Finest Dining Experience

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Soho Corks Premier Venue for Cocktails and Food, corporate events venue cork, SoHo offers a wide range of fantastic food and the best atmosphere for all sports.


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SOHO Restaurants Corks Finest Dining Experience - Brunch, Lunch & Dinner

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When planning your menu think about offering dishes from the following categories. Fresh fruits Vegetables Eggs Breads Meats Salads Deserts You should have both hot and cold items, as well as both sweet and savory items. Try to have lots of variety of colors with your menu, this will help add to the festive atmosphere.

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The first thing to consider is your guest list and invitations. If the brunch is going to be very casual you can forgo the written invitation and just call to invite your guests. However if you prefer to have a bit more of a formal brunch then by all means send out a written invitation. Even if you do send out invitations, keep them simple and casual, and be sure to send them out well in advance. How to Throw the Perfect Brunch

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Items Like Pancakes, French Toast, Waffles, Blintzes And Other Crepes Are Wonderful Brunch Items. You Could Have A Waffle Station Where You Or Your Guests Make Waffles To Order.

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For egg items a quiche is great for brunch Both these egg dishes can be as fancy as you wish, and both can contain vegetables as well as meat and cheese. These are considered to be the ultimate brunch items by many people. If you have the skill an omelet station with custom made omelets to order for your guests will help make your brunch very special indeed

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We are your Number #1 Sports Bar in Cork City !! ..Serving the Best of Food and Drink in a totally relaxed atmosphere. Good Atmosphere & Great Food and Drinks. Doing everything possible to make your visit a memorable one in our beautiful Cork city. Soho offers good bar food at reasonable prices, and I have found the waiting staff to be excellent.

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