Eat out in Cork – Dinner at Soho Restaurant Cork

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Soho Corks Premier Venue for Cocktails and Food, corporate events venue cork, SoHo offers a wide range of fantastic food and the best atmosphere for all sports.


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W W W . S O H O . I E C O R K Eat out in Cork –  Dinner at Soho Restaurant Cork A r i s t o c r a t i c M e n u s a n d E x o t i c D i s h e s The rich and delectable French cuisine dates back to the Middle Ages a time marked by lavish banquet aristocratic menus and exotic dishes. Influenced by social and political upheaval the French cuisine traversed through decades of culinary variance that eventually conferred it the title haute cuisine The Medieval French feast ostentatious in nature depicted elaborate banquets opulent carte du jour exotic spices imparting aromatic flavors and ornate presentation exhibiting the affluence of the host. The arrangement however remained at its elementary level---clay vessels rustic plates white tabletops absence of forks hand eating and chanting of prayer in reverence was the usual backdrop of this grand feasting----a remarkable juxtaposition in its own. Features B E S T B A R C O R K     C O R P O R A T E E V E N T S V E N U E C O R K R E S T A U R A N T S C O R K   C O C K T A I L B A R C O R K

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W W W . S O H O . I E C O R K W W W . S O H O . I E C A L L : 0 2 1 4 2 2 4 0 4 0     7 7 G R A N D P A R A D E C O R K T 1 2 N F 7 0 I R E L A N D     C O M B I N G F O O D S I S M O R E T H A N A C U L I N A R Y A R T Eating should always be an enjoyable and even sociable event but it should actually give us energy keep us strong and move us forward instead of slowing us down or making us feel bad. Many unpleasant feelings that sneak up on us after eating that nice meal has to do with the types of foods we are combining. SoHo Cork’s premiere dining and drinking destination wants to bring entertainment and hospitality to new levels. The oyster a much priced mollusk appears on menus all over the world. Its unique texture and flavor is unlike any other kind of seafood in the world. Different species are cultivated extensively throughout the world. The best oysters in Europe include the green Marenne in France the Belon and the English Whit sable. Most oysters are sold in their raw form although some are frozen tinned or bottled in fresh water. T H E B E N E F I T S O F E A T I N G F R E S H O Y S T E R S

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