The Science of Mahabharata

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Talks about the analogy we can draw from the Greatest epic of all times as far as Science and Technology is concerned.


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The Science of Mahabharata : 

The Science of Mahabharata Soham Saha Roll No.-Y0911047 National Institute of Science Education and Research

Introduction : 

Introduction The world’s greatest and lengthiest epic tales of all times. Mahabharata was written in Sanskrit, and produced in hard copy by the Great Sage Ved Vyas. Mahabharata was studied with much interest not only because of its huge and dynamic political front but also because of its rich scientific discussions. It is said that there is nothing in India that is not mentioned in the Mahabharata. Mahabharata deals with a political affair between two groups: the Pandavas and the Kauravas, culminating in a mega event known as the battle of Kurukshetra. Mahabharata is much more than a mere story.

Objective : 

Objective Mahabharata as a modern day science. Time of Mahabharata. Material evidences. So-called ‘modern’ day technology. Medical Science in Mahabharata. Biotechnology. Some obvious questions.

Mahabharata as a modern day science : 

Mahabharata as a modern day science My favourite character KARNA: has a significant armor and is born from the energy of the Sun. Armor represents the protective covering of the vegetable kingdom that is mostly fended by the Sun’s rays: the energy of the Sun is transferred through the increasing trophic levels in the Earth: The Energy Cycle. Similarly: all the Pandava brothers may be considered to constitute different parts in the making of a man. Yudhistira = Intelligence Bhima = Mind Arjuna = the Breath Nakul = Arms Sahadev = Legs The progressive emergence of a child from the mother’s womb can be compared with the progressive age of the Pandavas.

Time of Mahabharata : 

Time of Mahabharata The Mahabharata war took place around 7150 years before, the exact date could be rounded to around 5150 B.C. Potteries excavated from three cities: Paniprastha, Sonaprastha and Indraprastha: date the time of Mahabharata which shows considerable consistency with the predicted time. The three cities imply to Delhi’s Puranaqila.

Material Evidences : 

Material Evidences “After all the people had set out, the ocean flooded Dwarka, which still teemed with wealth of every kind. Whatever portion of land was passed over, the ocean immediately flooded over with its waters.” Ancient Port City. Prosperous land reclaimed by the Sea, evidences from historical records of Bahrain. Discovery of artifacts from the sea bed near Gujarat, signifying being the seal of citizens of Dwarka. Archeological dating corresponds to the non-Aryan invasion of Indian antiquity.

Modern Technology, huh?? : 

Modern Technology, huh?? “…Gurkha, flying a swift and powerful Vimana (fast aircraft) hurled a single projectile charged with all the power of the Universe, an incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as ten thousand Suns rose in all splendor…” “…it was an unknown weapon, An iron thunderbolt, A gigantic messenger of death, Which reduced to ashes The entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas.” “ After a few hours All foodstuffs were infected.” “…To escape from this fire The soldiers threw themselves in streams To wash themselves and their equipment.” “…when a warrior discharges a Varunastra which is made of such materials, whose smoke is converted into a cloud. The moment it comes in contact with air it converts the cloud to rain.” Our answer to: GPS mapping. Artificial Rain, Cloud Seeding. Nuclear Weapons.

Medical Science-got to do with only body??? : 

Medical Science-got to do with only body??? Abhimanyu: child learning from the womb of a mother: the unborn baby uses the cells of his developing body to gain information from the world around him, which is transmitted to his right brain hemisphere; the fetal right brain hemisphere is active while the left brain hemisphere is dormant. Laser energy is applied to the eye for reshaping : In Arjun’s case it could be the fact that Lord Krishna used advanced mode of laser like energy to enable Arjun’s eyes to visualize extreme frequencies. The discovery of blood circulation was also not unknown to the Maharishis of that time. The transference of the embryo in case of Balaram gives us clear logic on why he is a brother to Krishna although he was born to Rohini and not to Devaki. The embryo being divided into a hundred parts an each part maturing to an healthy baby as in the case of the Kauravas: Artificial fertilization. Karna’s kavach could be some sort of exoskeleton, blended with the body, could be some sort of Advanced Plastic Surgery.

Biotechnology-not that new now!!! : 

Biotechnology-not that new now!!! “I do not behold the creature in this world that supports life without doing an act of injury to others. …the stronger (lives) upon the weaker. …This mobile and the immobile Universe is food for living creatures. The very ascetics cannot support their lives without killing creatures. In water, earth and fruits are innumerable creatures. There are many creatures that are so minute that their existence can only be inferred. With the falling eyelids alone, they are destroyed.” (Arjuna, Santi Parva) This implies to bacteria and viruses. Advocates the ‘recent’ theory of the “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST”. The motion of the Universe was also put forward. Don’t you think that a prime physical observation (more precisely talking of the reference frame) has already been stated?

Some startling Questions : 

Some startling Questions How can one explain the death of 14 billions people in 18 days in the Battle of Kurukshetra? (The current world population is only 6 billions!) How were the cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro destroyed when there are no evidences of natural catastrophe or disasters (Dating suggests that Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro catastrophe is in close proximity with the war of Kurukshetra)? How can one explain the amount of radioactive elements present in the excavations of Indus Valley Civilization, the Rajmahal hills in the Ganges plains and other parts of the Northern India? Why are the Mahabharata events carefully moulded in the form of myths and mysterious covering? Were they more advanced than us or are they the beings which we refer to as aliens? Is the Great war of Kurukshetra significant in the modern context?

This is the END… : 

This is the END… “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Universal knowledge contains everything, that we have already invented or are going to invent. All Futuristic knowledge are already present. Perhaps what we need is the Advanced Vision to visualize great things. If we go deeper into this subject there is great science, but not relevant to this topic. Research and experiments by modern day scientist are continuous search and the resulting invention is just one spark of intuition.



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