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My Dream Future India India begins with ‘I’…I that is,’me’.I have a dream, “India of my dreams”. : 

My Dream Future India India begins with ‘I’…I that is,’me’.I have a dream, “India of my dreams”.

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Revolution in education in India online at lowest price because education is the key to progress of nation. Future Generation

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It is my dream also to see India as one of the most developed nations. I also wished that there should be no disease on earth. Problems Of India

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India of my dreams shall rise in the community of nations as a country which the weakest of neighbours shall not fear and which the most powerful country in the world shall not be able to threaten or blackmail. This India will rank among the first five countries of the world in economic progress as well as in Olympic tallies. Political Issues

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I wished that all the destructive explosives and devices to be brought before me from all over the world. Those destructive weapons to be defused and carried away to a far off planet. Destructive weapons

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I believe very much in globalization and I want to serve the human beings by working for peace. I wished each and everyone to be happy and healthy. Peace

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In the India of my dreams the Ganga, the Cauvery, the Sindhu and the Brahmaputra, will freely flow into each other and the morning shall dawn to the jugalbandi of great musical tunes of India. Natural Beauty

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In India of my dreams, glorification of pariahs as dalits will end and dalits will cease to be a category. Castes shall dissolve into classes with each of their members having individualized expression. No Dalits No Caste

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In India of my dreams, an Indian spaceship will wade through the deep space while Indian scientists and mathematicians will be working out equations integrating into a whole the fundamental forces of nature. Progress Of Scientists

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My next thoughts were of making the India a place worth living ,in harmony and peace and there should be no trace of poverty and scarcity. Say No Poverty

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This is my dreams for India. THANK YOU At Last

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