What Must Be Considered Before Redesigning A Site


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Rebuilding and redesigning a website are not entirely the same. Some major differences must be considered before settling on either for your website.


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What Must Be Considered Before Redesigning A Site Your website is often the face of your company and there are oh so many reasons to give your website a facelift. Maybe it’s time to ramp up the functionality and enhance usability. Maybe the purpose of your site has changed or its social media integration isn’t up to snuff. Planning a website redesign can be an extremely exciting process. You have a blank canvas to which you can easily add your own creativity and flair. It’s tempting to get carried away. With all the experience and knowledge gained from your previous websites a website redesign should be an opportunity to turn your web presence into a success. Unfortunately most designers and creative teams will use this opportunity to focus entirely on the visual design of the site and overlook SEO content and functionality. Sites with a history of good search traffic can see most or even all that traffic vanish after a redesign. That new site may look great but that won’t be much consolation to their owners Yes it’s important to have a great looking website. It needs to look great if it’s going to convert your visitors into paying customers but traffic conversions and functionality are what will ultimately govern its success or failure. Things to consider and discuss with your web team prior to any redesign work commencing include the following: What is the main purpose of the website Decide what the website is required to do. This may have been something that you looked at when you first had your website built but has your business changed Knowing what you

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want to accomplish through the website will help to determine its design structure and the platform/software that the website will be built in. How is the current site performing Analyze the various site metrics for your current website before making any decision about the re-design. There are several KPI to consider some of the key ones include number of unique visitors click-thru-rate bounce rate and any current SEO rankings. Ensure that the weak points are addressed and strong areas are not lost in the redesign which could then negatively impact your seo or user experience. What is working and not working with your current website Make a list of everything that you like about your current website. It could be the navigation certain pages or functionality or parts of the design. Identify what is currently “working” so that you know what you want to keep with the next iteration. Then do the reverse working through the areas of the website which you want to change which customers have problems with or search engines dont pick up on. Is there a cost benefit or efficiency to be gained with new website When looking at a website redesign it is worth having a quick review of your business and its day to day processes. Is there a particular question client are always asking or a process you spend lots of time on which could be automated Talk to your website designer about painful or time-consuming areas of your business to see whether the website can be used to better support your client base or even automate some of your internal processes. If there is a cost benefit or ROI on the re-design then it is much easier to determine how much to spend on it and how exhaustive the re-design can be. What are my competitors doing While it isn’t wise to obsess about what your competitors are doing it can be very helpful to understand where they may be out selling and out foxing you. Look at how they are marketing themselves and their services. Don’t copy your competition but instead use it as an opportunity to learn where you can improve your website. Do you have an on-going content development strategy A consistent stream of valuable informative content not only supports your customers and ensures you look knowledgeable and experienced in your industry but it also helps you gain good positions in the search engines. Develop a strategy for building this content on the new website assigning roles and specifying targets for ongoing content production.

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Digital marketing is quickly evolving into an entirely integrated discipline. A website redesign is a major event in any digital marketing campaign so it makes sense that this process should also be as integrated as possible. If a site is going to deliver real value it shouldn’t be left to just designers and aesthetic considerations. Your SEO team copywriters sales team and social media managers should all be heavily involved right from the start. Web development companies in San Diego offer excellent services for not only a rebuilt and redesign of existing websites but also helps in developing company websites that suit the owner’s needs. Sma2z one of the leading website development companies in the area are renowned for their specific services that cater to the individual’s requirements building a website which incorporate all the modern upgrades and necessities. Read the Full blog from: http://sma2z.com/what-must-be-considered-before-redesigning-a- site ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Sma2z infosma2z.com 858 876‐2294 www.sma2z.com Stay Connected Via:

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