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A pedicure is one of lifes great pleasures. Theres nothing like relaxing and pampering yourself after a long day and a pedicure is the perfect way to unwind while taking care of your health and beauty. When a trip to the spa isnt possible or is out of the budget its time for the perfect pedicure at home. First gather up your tools and supplies heres what youll need:  A wide glass bowl basin or small tub.  A couple of clean bath towels  Epsom salts foot soak or bath salts  Your favourite scented body oil  Small brush  Cotton pads  Nail polish remover  Nail file  Exfoliating scrub  Foot lotion  Clippers  Foot file/pumice stone  Foam toe separator  Cotton swabs  Orangewood stick or cuticle stick  Your favourite nail polish and top coat Preparation:  Fold a bath towel into a square and place it at the bottom of your bowl.  Prep your feet by making sure theyre clean and remove any old polish with a cotton pad and nail polish remover.  File Shape:  Clip and file the nails to your preferred length and shape usually best to shape square with rounded edges.  Use a nail file to smooth the edges.  Soak:  Fill the bowl with hot water and position a chair behind it.  Dissolve a half a cup of the salts in the water.  Grab a book or put on some music and slip your feet in and relax.  Soak your feet for five to ten minutes.  Take your feet out of the water one at a time and pat them dry.

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Smooth Exfoliate:  Use your foot file to smooth away rough skin on the heels balls of the feet and outside of the pinkie toes.  Use the small brush to gently buff each foot.  Use the pumice stone to further eliminate any remaining rough spots.  Push the cuticles back with the orangewood/cuticle stick they will be nice and soft from soaking.  Apply the exfoliating scrub to your feet and rub them until they feel soft.  Dip your feet again for a rinse and then pat them dry again with a towel. Moisturize:  Now moisturize your feet and calves with a rich scented lotion.  Wash the lotion off your nails with soap and water to prep for polish and let them dry. Polish:  Separate your toes with the foam separator and apply one coat of base coat to fill in uneven areas two coats of colour allowing to dry in between and one clear top coat. Paint your nails carefully working from the bed of the nail to the tip with long even brush strokes.  Use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to erase any mistakes.  Try to go barefoot now to avoid smearing.  Reapply the top coat every three days or so after your pedicure to keep the nails from chipping. Some top coats come with SPF in them to keep the colours from fading.

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