Treat Yourself to the Best Vacation Packages In San Lucianu, Bastia


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Tired of working all year round? Why not treat yourself with a vacation that you'll surely enjoy? Ski Vacation Packages offers the best vacation package for you and your family in San Lucianu, Bastia. What are you waiting for? It's the right time to enjoy holidays without the stress of work. Time to treat yourself and have fun!


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Treat Yourself to the Best Vacation Packages In San Lucianu Bastia

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San Lucianu Bastia

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Nestled within the dreamy place of Bastia the San Lucianu resort prides itself of long stretch of sandy beaches engulfed in a rugged mountain.

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Watersports Activities It is a safe haven for water sports aficionados as San Lucianu offers activities like windsurfing sailing and snorkeling.

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Wind Surfing

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Other Activities

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T e n n i s

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M o u n t a i n B i k i n g

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E x e r c i s e

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Child Care Even kids are well taken care of here at San Lucianu.

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The Kids can socialize with one another and they can also join everyday program with fun-filled activities.

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Other Services WiFi Connection To get connected with the online world WiFi connection is also available. Hairdryers are provided upon request. Hair Dryer

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Beach Bar

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Find the best deal around so you can truly enjoy the beauty of San Lucianu.. And while you obviously need to splurge for this kind of vacation do not worry a lot because it’s not every day that you are going to treat yourself into something precious and beautiful that only San Lucianu can give

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