The Dead Sea


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Slide 1: 

Take a few minutes of quiet time, turn the speakers on and let the presentation take you to a magical world.

Slide 2: 

The Creation

Slide 3: 

The ragged shores caress the salty land

Slide 4: 

The workshop of the greatest artist: Nature

Slide 5: 

A gallery of cystallizations

Slide 6: 

The seashore's sinkholes

Slide 7: 

Strata and textures

Slide 8: 

Colour, light and shade

Slide 9: 

Endless formations

Slide 10: 

The Name of the Game: Change

Slide 11: 

The Shores

Slide 12: 

Against all odds

Slide 13: 

A bustling desert oasis

Slide 14: 

Nature's amusement: contrasting and consistent

Slide 15: 

Nature's illusion: Cascading water and light

Slide 16: 

Abstracts, water colour and salt

Slide 17: 

What can be seen The Dead Sea and What's concealed

Slide 18: 

Awareness of the extinction - will help the survival of the Dead Sea Listen to the cry of a dying sea ...

Slide 19: 

The lowest The saltiest The most magical That loves with all its heart THE DEAD SEA Photographers:Ziv ShertzerLeonid PedrulEli RazZeevik MellerSarale Elbar English translation:Alison Lawton-Ron

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