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101 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills : 

101 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills Presented by Catherine Jaggard Reno, Nevada January 10, 2006


Objectives Communication Techniques Listening Speaking and Listening Speaking and Writing General Tips


Communication Speaking Know what you want to say Control Fear Stop Talking and Listen Think before you talk Believe in your message Repeat Major Points Find Out what your Listener wants


Communication Techniques Define Acronyms Reduce Jargon Level Objections Use Humor Anecdotes and Stories Ask for feedback Increase your vocabulary


Communication Techniques -continued Eliminate Audible Pauses Enunciate Clearly Practice Pronouncing Words Properly Exercise Tongue, Jaws and Lips Make Eye Contact Gesture


Communication Techniques -continued Pause Speak more slowly Speak faster Vary Your Volume Watch your tone Record your voice


Communication Listening Prepare to Listen Focus on the Speaker Screen Out Distractions Concentrate on the Message Listen to Tapes while you commute


Communication Speaking and Listening Ask Questions Avoid Daydreaming Accept Accents Use mind mapping Interview Complaints Telephone

Speaking and Writing: 

Speaking and Writing Key Points Write a Purpose Statement Outline Transfer Negative Emotions to Paper Get to the Point Explain Abstract words Use Absolutes and Generalities Sparingly

Speaking and Writing: 

Speaking and Writing Key Points - Continued Ask for what you want Use active verbs Use gender neutral language Cite Source of Statistical Data Illustrate with personal examples Express Emotion Keep it simple (KISS) Method

Speaking and Writing: 

Speaking and Writing Key Points - Continued Paint verbal Pictures Be Concise Support Statements with Details Watch Semantics Quote Authorities Consult Experts Suppress emotion

Speaking and Writing: 

Speaking and Writing Writing Keep a Journal Take notes Write personal Notes Write Effective business letters Use Short Sentences Communicate online

General Tips: 

General Tips Reading Read Keep up with Current Events Read Something Inspirational Use the Internet

General Tips: 

General Tips Non Verbal Presence Give Nonverbal Cues Check Your Posture Dress Appropriately Smile Touch Shake Hands Properly

General Tips: 

General Tips Attitude Intend to Improve Visualize Be flexible Be Likable Commit to Being Truthful Empathize Don’t take yourself too seriously

General Tips: 

General Tips Attitude – continued Eliminate Negative Feelings Be receptive to New Ideas Take Responsibility Respect the Other Person’s Point of View Recognize the Impact of Stress on Communication Be Real

General Tips: 

General Tips Attitude – continued Check Your attitude

General Tips: 

General Tips Behavioral Laugh Use Good Manners Recognize Manipulative Behavior Recognize Condescending Manners Avoid Words that Hurt Change Abrasive Behavior Handle Disagreements with Tact

General Tips: 

General Tips Miscellaneous Organize Productive Meetings Consider Experience Level Understand the Importance of Timing Present a Good Personal Image

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