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Mobility impairment can happen to anyone, without the differentiation of age, gender or race. Read this document for rectifying mobility issues with mobility aids. You can also visit for more details!


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Blog1-SimpleLifeMobility RECTIFYING MOBILITY ISSUES WITH MOBILITY AIDS Mobility impairment can happen to anyone without the differentiation of age gender or race. There are many conceptions around mobility impairment and most of them revolved around the limbs being amputated or malformed. But mobility impairment also occurs due to other causes too. Understanding this makes all the difference. The causes and conditions Mobility impairment does not occur only in cases of amputation or other major accidents that cause predominantly external damage to the extremities. It also happens when the limbs are too weak to carry the weight of the body or perform functions that require cognitive reflexes and nerve control including lifting objects walking straight etc. This condition occurs due to many factors including old age accidents that paralyse parts of the body predominantly the spine and other reasons. Using mobility aids Mobility aids – a self explanatory term. Mobility aids are devices that are designed with a specific purpose of helping people with mobility impairment regain a part of their mobility at least enough to move around a bit on their own without excessive assistance or being bedridden. The use of mobility aids has been a constantly debated topic and one up for constant scrutiny. But it cannot be denied that mobility aids have made life easier for those with mobility impairment. The use of aids such as wheelchairs crutches and other walkers has made walking possible – a blessing for people who were restricted without movement. Simplelife Mobility sells mobility aids including rollators and walkers swivel recliner chairs manual wheelchairs boot mobility scooters tri walkers self-propelled wheelchairs and mobility scooters batteries.

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