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By: Selenahellen (83 month(s) ago)

I have always looked forward to the wedding day because I want to wear my beautiful wedding dress. I want show it to my friends and my relatives. For me, I really like the design of my wedding dress, especially the skirt part. It looks as though there were two layers. What’s more, there are some refined appliqués on the dress to make sure the dress is gorgeous enough to attract others’ attention. At the same time, such pretty laces are decorated to the dress and therefore, the whole dress can easily stand out. Because my skin is not too white, with the help of the white dress, I will look much whiter! Anyone, I deeply believe that I will be a second-killer on that day. And I can’t wait for it!

By: Palangira (83 month(s) ago)

Wedding is the most important moment in my life so I hope everything be best including my wedding dress. The amazing chiffon wedding dress is just my dreaming one. I love those shining embroideries on the dress. They give me a strong feeling of luxury. It fits my gorgeous wedding that is going to be held in a huge old castle. The cap-sleeve design is also my favorite since my plentiful shoulders can be shaped slimmer and prettier. And it can also help me focus people’s attention on my beautiful diamond necklace but not my plentiful body. The workmanship is perfect especially for the clear-cut train hemline. I like the materials of white chiffon and taffeta. They are all of top quality. Thanks to the classic ball gown silhouette, I think I look taller and slimmer in my wedding dress. Meanwhile, the customization service is professional and helpful. Another satisfying thing is that the shipping is fast and free.

By: Simonai (83 month(s) ago)

I like this wedding dress because it’s simple. There are not any fancy decorations on the dress. It has a pure white color. And it is as simple as my pure love to my future husband. It has only a lovely handmade flower adorned on the waist part of the dress. I think it really makes me look younger. For those ladies in their mid-age like me, the type of the silhouette is important when choosing the wedding dress. Since my body is somehow plentiful, the classic ball gown silhouette can amazingly shape my body in a better look. The strapless design can show the beauty of my shoulders and arms. And it matches a nice pair of white gloves perfectly. I like the customization service. It’s really helpful. Since I’m not a tall woman, I was very worried about the length of my dress to be too long for me. But the customization service fixes this problem successfully.

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