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We have young professional independent financial advisers to protect a business against these risks, we can help you achieve your goals and business value.


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Independent Financial Planning :

Independent Financial Planning


We are a team of committed professionals who believe in sound and professional advice. We firmly believe in our motto ‘Not all financial planners are built the same’. We focus on client relationships Why Choose Partners In Planning?


Why Us: We STAND behind our motto: ‘ Not All Financial Planners Are Built The Same ’ . We were founded out of a need to provide client focused advice, not simply a one-off ‘set and forget’ product . We can proudly put up our hand and say: We are independently owned We are Certified Financial Planners ™ We have never recommended any ‘alternative’ investments like emus or forestry products or unlisted property trusts


I can hear you say “ we have tried this before ” with other so- called financial planners “ We have built our business on not being like the rest ”


Financial Planner AKA Sales Person Financial Planner AKA Agent for a Bank/Insurer/3rd Party Having a driving force behind them to tow the ‘company line ’ and use related products/services because they have to. True Financial Planners AKA Our Guys Client first philosophy No sales targets No hidden agendas Independently owned University educated Certified Financial Planners ™ Not all financial planners are created EQUAL Driven by sales targets and commissions Little/minimal education or experience Limited knowledge Short term in the industry


Our Philosophy Fundamental investing (tried and tested methodology) Insurance should be strategic to solve a problem not for the sake of having it Run as efficiently as possible to ensure our fees remain economical Annual catch ups with clients by phone or in person to ensure that they KNOW we are always here to help


Just ‘ Google Us ’ See What Our Clients Say


Why not have a coffee and chat with us?


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