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Who are we?: 

Who are we? Habitat for Humanity Cluj is a non-profit housing organization that builds and renovates simple, decent and affordable houses for and toghether with people in need. Habitat has built more than 200.000 housess around the world, in more than 3.000 comunities. In Cluj, Habitat has built 20 houses, repaired 4 and is currently building 12 more.


HABITAT FOR HUMANITY CLUJ 1% campaign 2005 Maria Cinar

Target group: 

Target group Target group 1 (~300 people): people linked to the organization: staff, members, Board, beneficiaries (contacted by phone, mail, e-mail and direct meetings) Target group 2 (~500-1.000 people): people related to target group 1 contacted directly by target group 1 Target group 3: employees for different local companies Target group 4: general public


Objectives: To attract 700 donors with the help of members, volunteers and Habitat beneficiaries To make presentations to 1.000 people from local companies Public campaign: on radio stations, in the newspapers, outdoor, by mail

What have we done to attract 700 donors?: 

What have we done to attract 700 donors? We distributed leaflets, flyers and GIDs (global income declaration forms) to some of the members, Board, beneficiaries and volunteers Staff members have sent e-mails to all their contacts

What have we done to reach 1.000 people?: 

What have we done to reach 1.000 people? We distributed materials and contacted 10 local companies, at high management level 6 companies responded and invited us to make presentations in front of 955 people in total

Public campaign - materials: 

Public campaign - materials 15.000 leaflets, 10.000 flyers and 10.000 GIDs were distributed by mail, in the streets, in public places (shops, medical centers, institutions etc.) 300 posters were posted in public places and on the apartment buildings where we distributed flyers by mail 100 t-shirts were distributed to volunteers, members and sponsors A free info phone line for local calls

Public campaign - media: 

Public campaign - media 3 local radio stations and 1 regional radio station broadcasted the spot for 1, 2 or 3 weeks (total: 71 days, 426 times) The internal audio station of the biggest shopping center in Cluj also broadcasted the spot for one week (72 times in total) 5 live interviews on the radio stations 16 press ads, of different dimensions, were published in 2 newspapers (1 local and 1 regional)

Promotional materials of the campaign: 

Promotional materials of the campaign

The main message of the campaign: 

The main message of the campaign Decide 1% for a decent home

The idea/brief to create all the promotional materials: 

The idea/brief to create all the promotional materials A unique coherent campaign for all affiliates The same campaign message, logo and approach for all Habitat affiliates A image of one organization

The structure of the message: 

The structure of the message One part talking about Habitat and its mission One part explaing what 1% system is One part explaining why would anyone allocate its 1% to Habitat


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Leaflet (back)


Flyer (both faces)


Poster (A2 format)


Press Ad

Partners, sponsors, supporters: 

Partners, sponsors, supporters Habitat for Humanity Romania: the materials, the posters and radio spot were elaborated by this partner, as part of the national campaign Association for Community Relations (ARC): grant of 1.700 USD Media partners: 3 local radio stations, 1 regional radio station, 1 local newspaper, 1 regional newspaper

Human resources: 

Human resources 1 project coordinator 1 communication coordinator 2 staff members 13 volunteers for materials distribution, presentations

The budget: 

The budget 3.400 USD (1.700 Habitat funds + 1.700 matching grant from ARC) Habitat for Humanity Romania (national offices) produced the posters and the radio spot Advertising in the newspapers and on the radio stations were free of charge, as a result of media partnerships

Obstacles met during the campaign: 

Obstacles met during the campaign People weren’t aware of the 1% system and were not opened to this system; they questioned the motivation of the volunteers involved in promoting the campaign Some of the managers didn’t want to interrupt the activity of their companies in order to let their employees listen to our presentation Media partners wanted exclusiveness

The results of the campaign: 

The results of the campaign The Ministry of Finance will announce the amount raised only at the end of the year A high visibility of the campaign which brought an increase of organization visibility reaching over 10% of Cluj population The free info phone line wasn’t solicited as we expected, but we had some encouraging phone calls

The results of the campaign: 

The results of the campaign The campaign increased the knowledge of the 1% system We started a database with people who allocated their 1% to Habitat Cluj

Conclusions and lessons to learn: 

Conclusions and lessons to learn Short time to prepare the campaign (~1 month) - the campaign should have been prepared at least 2 months before Most of the subjects who weren’t mandatory submitting GID were misinformed: they knew that they can’t redirect 1% of the income taxes or that only the employer’s accountant can do that for them – we should find methods to reach this group


The managers of the companies are not willing to interrupt the activity for our presentations. Though, the presentations had a high impact. A campaign started earlier would give us time to identify managers open to allowing direct presentations. Conclusions and lessons to learn


The confidentiality of GID (a very disputed subject) is not a issue for most tax payers for whom it is not mandatory to submit GID. So, collecting the GIDs from this kind of tax payers and mailing it is a very efficient method that can be used in the next years. This method also offers the opportunity to create a database with the people who chose to allocate their 1% to Habitat. Conclusions and lessons to learn


Thank you for your time and good luck in future campaigns!!!

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