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Where to find sterling silver hoop stud forest and dangle earrings in USA through a reputed website? ShilverShine offers online sterling long and small silver hoop earrings along with stud forest dangle earrings at very low prices.


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What made Las Vegas ask for Indian Silver Earrings Hey there reader I am one of the 1.2 billion Indians of the world And this is my kind of relevant story because it is about Las Vegas by an Indian. Okay please don’t judge me but when 4 years ago I was new to Las Vegas I knew what Drag Shows were and who drag queens were as performers but all that knowledge was mostly from drag queen reality shows and I am really glad I did see that show since that was exactly how I got introduced to drag. Thank you YouTube Nonetheless it took me nearly 3 years to finally get to one of their shows in person and not that I woke up one day thinking today lets go for a drag show wish i did it was just amazing but a friend asked me for a Saturday night drag show and I said sure Now just to tell you why I am writing this blog I come from an Indian family that for generations has designed sterling silver earrings and silver hoop earrings. I know it is pretty darn awesome I used to design some sterling silver earrings myself back in my childhood although I have completely forgotten the process after studying software and website development I can certainly tell you that designing sterling silver earrings and silver dangle earrings or small silver hoop earrings will always remain a big part of my life. But ofcourse it was my father who first introduced me when I was maybe 4 to sterling silver earrings and said go play with them but don’t break them well I didn’t break them but i ended up losing them. Anyways lets get back to Las Vegas now just like any other Indian I knew that there were Indians in Las Vegas which means you had Indian food and basically Indian everything. But when I visited the drag show on that Saturday night and saw nearly all the drag queens wearing Indian ethnic silver

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earrings which were designed to create sterling silver hoop earrings sterling silver stud earrings silver forest earrings silver dangle earrings and also silver drop earrings. I know its crazy how i remember all of these its only because I have worked on Silver for years and years in my childhood. That’s what I ever did since my entire family did this all day and once I returned from school I basically was left with no option but to help them. We designed sterling silver earrings silver hoop earrings sterling silver stud earrings silver forest earrings silver dangle earrings and silver drop earrings yes exactly what I found the queens wearing now isn’t that something. Now apparently the story is only going to get more unbelievably crazy when I tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the drag show after which I went and tried to speak to them as well. I asked my friend to help me get there and at first I was totally denied to access the back stage obviously but I guess they had never experienced an Indian boy asking to come back stage just to speak to them. Ofcourse the security was scared as I was brown and I might just say something absolutely insensitive yes Indians can do that very easily but all I wanted to ask was “If i could ask where did you get your beautiful sterling silver earrings from”. So yes I was called in and I first greeted them and told them how I always loved the art and respected the efforts that they take so passionately to entertain One of the queens said she/he which ever that person prefers she loved Indian food and I said sure sometime I could make her some Mumbai Spicy Butter Chicken and then we had bit of a funny moment where I said that i’d just have to go back to India for the Mumbai Chicken and i’m not sure whether Trump would actually let me enter again. Next when I asked about the sterling silver earrings they said they bought it from and it turns out that is a web-store that my brother started a few years back. And i just thought to myself what are the odds. It was one of the most surreal moments of my life when I saw how some of the best artists and performers of the world were wearing Indian silver earrings made by my family. I think it couldn’t have gotten better. Source:

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