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London and Essex based company, specialising in silent disco equipment for dry hire rental. We offer an easy, affordable Silent Disco Dry Hire service delivered & collected from your address. With over 10 years experience in the entertainments & events industry, we cater for corporate clients throughout the UK and Europe. We also offer Silent Headphone packages and fully staffed option The Silent Disco Company can provide a full service including, DJ’s Photographer Entertainment and Lighting for you party. Full Lighting And Sound, The Silent Disco Company


What is Silent Disco? The concept of a Silent Disco is fairly new and people constantly ask how do silent disco headphones work? We use state of the art fully rechargeable LED silent disco headphones with powerful transmitters to ensure perfect quality. Music source is plugged in to the transmitter and away you go, you can have up to 3 transmitters running three separate music sources. Our silent disco headphones have a 500-Meter range, up to three channel selections and small and robust extra antenna for extended quality. Silent Disco Headphones


SILENT DISCO HEADPHONES – No Batteries – Fully Rechargeable – LED Wireless – 3 Channel Selection – Receives Signals up to 500M – Great Sound Quality with Ear Warming Bass – Easy Volume & Channel Control SILENT DISCO TRANSMITTER – Wireless Silent Disco Transmitters – 500 Meter Range – 3 Channel Selection – Small and Robust – Extra Antenna for Extended Quality Features: Silent Disco Headphones


6 Reasons Why You Must Attend Silent Disco Parties Ever since the demise of the disco era, the music party scene has not witnessed a major revolution or trend that captured people’s imagination. That is up until the concept of silent disco   came into the picture. Here was an idea that took the best part of music parties and combined it with the advantages of socialising in a non-music setting. While they took some warming up to, silent disco parties have irreversibly changed the way people view parties. Just look at the number of places offering silent disco in London and it’s apparent that the concept is here to stay. Read this full article: 6 Reasons Why You Must Attend Silent Disco Parties Latest Blog Posts…


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