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With over 10 years experience we supply everything you need for your outdoor cinema hire including the inflatable screen, projector, silent headphones and support equipments. We are a London and Essex based company, specialising in silent cinema equipment for rental


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Introduction Providing all-inclusive Indoor and Outdoor Cinema Hire with over 10 Years experience providing silent disco hire and events across the UK and Europe. We supply everything you need for your Cinema Hire including our Inflatable Screen, Projector, Silent Headphones, Support Equipment and our helpful Staff.

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Our Services Outdoor Cinema Hire Indoor Cinema Hire We can have both 12ft or 30ft screens available that can screen between 20-2000 people. We take care of the safety and planning of the event. We have furniture, foot stalls and entertainment available for you to hire, including many other extras. 12ft and 30ft screens are available for you, they screen between 20-2000 people. Available to hire is also furniture, food stalls and entertainment, with many other extras available.


Our Services Drive-In Cinema Hire We take care of the safety and planning of the event, we have both 12ft and 30ft screens available for you, which screen between 20 and 2000 people. We also can provide for hire furniture, food stalls and entertainment, other extras are available. CINEMA EXPERIENCES UNLIKE NO OTHER... Our experienced team will handle everything to make your event a success and stress-free.


Expert Advice 7 Tips to Plan a Successful Outdoor Movie Event Outdoor movie events  are fun. There is something about watching a movie under the skies that is immensely gratifying. However, there is a greater chance of things going wrong with an outdoor cinema. That is because, unlike indoor cinemas where you have most things under control, there are way too many factors that can cause a below-par outdoor movie experience. The key to minimising the impact of these variables then is to plan adequately before booking an  outdoor cinema hire .


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